Healthcare Jobs Increasing Throughout Australia

HealthCare Jobs in Australia
With the growing numbers of ageing Australians, the healthcare and medical industries are growing as well, and their need for new employees and support staff is increasing dramatically, especially in the nursing section of the industry.
Online recruiting site SEEK says between April and June of 2017, ads seeking employees increased by 9% year on year; this is the third largest job category (behind Information and Communications Technology and trades and services) on the site. The average national yearly salary for those in the medical and healthcare industry was advertised at $87,851.
One subsector of the nursing industry that seems consistently strong is elderly care, showing a yearly growth of 13% year on year, and that seems probable to continue, given Australia’s growing ageing population.
Medical specialist recruiter Elizabeth Pettit, who is the director of Pettit Pharma and Device Search, states the healthcare industry in Australia continues to grow due to the large group of the ageing population and the increase of chronic medical conditions.
Ms Pettit says, “I’m currently recruiting healthcare executives to market and sell pharmaceuticals and medical technologies and devices, to cater for the needs of healthcare professionals and to improve patient outcomes. The demand for talent across these fields is ever increasing.”
Additional healthcare subsectors over the past three months were physiotherapy, OT and rehab (up 18% year on year), and psychology, counselling, and social work (up 40% year on year).
“Jobs in the industry that I am currently finding hardest to fill are healthcare and medical sales rep roles,” Pettit stated. “It’s a candidate market for sales reps with more jobs advertised than candidates available.”
States offering the most healthcare and medical job opportunities on SEEK were the eastern states: NSW (up 5%), Vic (up 14%) and Qld (up 7%), where all statistics are year on year.
Pettit offers some advice to anyone who might be seeking work in the growing healthcare field.
“My top tips for healthcare and medical professionals seeking their next roles are: (1) set up a SEEK profile and job alerts, which saves you time looking [and gets] job ads sent to you directly; (2) connect with niche recruiters, like us, that specialise in this sector; (3) understand what you’re looking for and why, and identify who you would like to work for; (4) seek advice from specialist recruiters or do some research if unsure who you’d like to work for,” Pettit declared.
SEEK advertises they’re the #1 job-seeking service in Australia and they provide Online Education Services. SEEK has over 1 million profiles of people seeking jobs throughout the country as well as in New Zealand, China, South Africa, and Brazil, among other locations. They’ve been in business for 18 years and are committed to providing employers with a “culture of excellence” and making a positive global impact to over 4.1 billion people worldwide.
SEEK also offers volunteer opportunities and grants free access to not-for-profit organisations so they can search for and find volunteers to help in their endeavours. Companies like Hospital Stays have even opened up to provide & accommodation solutions nearby to hospitals. Bruno Torres, who runs the website advises that a larger percentage of their traffic actually comes from medical professionals looking for accommodation nearby to the hospital or medical facility they will soon work at.

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