Health & Summer Safety Tips for College Students

Health & Summer Safety Tips for College Students

College is the place where you live the life fullest whether you have just entered it or spend one or two years. It always feels fresh on arriving at the college after summer vacations. The joy of meeting old friends, making new friends and introducing to new students is overwhelming but you should not forget about your health while participating in welcome parties and attending classes in summers.

The scorching heat and light can exhaust you physically and affect your health a lot. Here are some tips you can use to prevent the adverse conditions which generally occur in the summertime.

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For physical health

Dehydration, skin burning, fatigue, and energy deprivation are some common problems that occur during summer and these following tips can help you in keeping these problems at bay.

Diet and exercise – A healthy diet that includes fruits high in water content and proteins is very important. As an adult, you must do exercise for 2 hours and 30 minutes each week. You can easily achieve this target by walking around on campus or going to your classes by using bicycles, swimming, or using stairs instead of using elevators.

Hydration of body – You tend to lose more water from your body during summers and therefore you should drink at least 3 – 4 liters of water every day. Try to carry a water bottle with you every time in your bag and take regular sips. Avoid carbonated drinks and go for healthy fruit juices.

Join college sports – You can take up your favorite sport in college and stay fit while enjoying the game. This is the best way of keeping your body flexible and increasing your metabolism. It is also a great stress buster.

Skin and hair care – The summer heat can directly affect your skin and hair. You should use good quality sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and cover your hair as much as possible with a hat, cap, or scarf.

Wear comfortable clothes – Try to wear clothes which let your skin breathe through it like cotton clothes. Tight-fitting clothes can cause skin irritation, itching, and rashes due to heat and humidity.

Prevention from mosquitoes – If your accommodation is near a woody area then you should use mosquito repellent. The mosquito problem is on rising during the summers and you can catch mosquito bite generated diseases if you don’t use precautions.

For mental health

Although, college time is fun it is also stressful at the same time due to exam pressure and a big amount of custom essays. Students who are staying away from their families are more affected by stress due to a lack of family love. In such cases you should try these following tips:

Socialize offline – Social networking has connected you to many people virtually but it has also separated you from the real world. Therefore, you should keep your phone aside for some hours and socialize with your college fellows who might be feeling homesick like you. Meeting new people like you will make you happy, gain new friends, and also reduce mental stress.

Sleep enough – sometimes, students couldn’t sleep due to stress or late-night studies which can greatly affect the health therefore you should take the recommended eight hour sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause an increase in stress-inducing hormone cortisol while proper and sound sleep can reduce the stress.

Say no to booze – Alcohol drinking is not good for students in the context of safety and health because it can greatly affect your studies and make you addicted.

Substance abuse and smoking – Many people get introduced to drugs like heroin or smoking in college and it generally happens under peer pressure. Take a stand for yourself and clearly say no to such things when it is offered to you because one you will get addicted, it will become very hard for you to quit it.

Take professional help – If anything is bothering you for a long time then you can also visit the student counselor to sort out your problem in a more organized way.

Try these simple tips, stay healthy, and cool at the same time. Enjoy your college days as much as you can without losing your concentration on your studies.