Health Mistakes People Make When Vaping


Although vaping is widely thought to be safer than smoking, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established that vaping products have carcinogens. The level of carcinogens in vaping is lower than the one in the normal cigarettes. Besides that, there are also mistakes that vapers make when vaping. Even the experienced vape enthusiasts commit these blunders.

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In this article, we look at some of these health mistakes people make when vaping:

Excessive consumption of nicotine

Excessive intake of nicotine every day is a mistake that could affect your health. Excess nicotine causes dehydration and sore/dry throat.

With a variety of e-juices available in the market, some contain a low or high level of nicotine. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy e-juices with the low level of nicotine for a safer vaping. If you’re a starter, it is a good idea to seek advice on the best e-juice from a professional. You may also sample a few on your own to find the one that suits you.

Buying low-quality vaping products

Vaping using low-quality products can be harmful and scary. You’re at risk of injury because some are made of unsafe wirings. The low-quality e-juices can also be dangerous and can have an adverse effect on your health.

It’s important to spend extra money to buy a high-quality device, which can reduce the dangers associated with low-quality products. Investing in will also provide the best and enjoyable vaping experience. Always prioritize your health!

Drinking less water

Vaping causes cottonmouth. If you vape frequently, you will notice that your mouth gets extremely dry. However, drinking a lot of water throughout the day can prevent the cotton mouth.

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Too much vaping

Because of vape modification, vaping has become easy. The vapers find themselves puffing throughout without knowing the troubles they’re getting into. They are at risk of experiencing severe headache and nausea. It’s advisable to vape moderately to avoid such problems. If you are new to the vaping world, it is better to start slow.

Buying the wrong e-liquid

It’s a reality that many vapers, especially the beginners, buy any e-liquid that looks attractive and load in their devices without being mindful of what they are choosing. There are wide varieties of e-juice and some are very toxic. Using a toxic e-juice can damage and interfere with the functionality of your blood vessels. You need to be very careful when choosing e-liquid. Do your research before selecting any flavor.

Using the vape tank without cleaning

The tank of your device is constantly in use as you vape. While in use, food particles and saliva enters into your tank through the mouthpiece thus creating a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Using your device without cleaning the tank could make you sick in the end. Make sure to clean your tank once a week and before adding a new flavor. Also cleaning your tank before the first use is important to avoid contamination inside it.

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Choosing a sub ohm vape

Sub ohm is good for experienced vapers to create more vapor or flavor. However, using sub ohm without knowledge of ohm laws can really be dangerous. Users might expose themselves to safety dangers if they decrease the resistance on their device. They are also at risk if they increase the amperage of their devices beyond the limit.

Vaping around kids

Vaping around children is not safe since e-liquid is made of chemicals that are harmful to kids. Kids can experience secondhand exposures, which can make them experience colds, pneumonia, asthma, ear infections, bronchitis and breathing problems. To protect children, it’s better to vape in a safe place away from children.


Some vapers inhale heated e-cig liquid at higher temperature to produce a concentrated vapor. Studies show that doing so increases your exposure to chemicals, for instance formaldehyde and acetone, which may cause cancer. As a vaper, always avoid dripping.c

Burning your coil

Worn out coil offers a burnt taste while vaping. Vapers will experience unpleasant taste in their mouth. Burning your coil out can also result in dry hitting; this causes burning feeling in your throat. Therefore, you should change your coils after every few weeks especially if you vape frequently.

Vaping experience can really be nice but the health mistakes people make can really be costly. Apart from the above health mistakes, people make many more mistakes unknowingly. It’s important to understand all the vaping mistakes so that you can avoid them. Doing so will keep you on the safer side.


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