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Investigate Toothpaste- Ingredients in Toothpaste [Toxic, Non-Toxic, Useful and Useless]

Your kids must have asked you why they need to brush twice a day and how a little amount of paste can fight off germs and you show them different toothpaste as a reference to show how...

Health Risks from Fluorescent Light bulbs

The discovery of Fluorescent Light bulbs and candescent bulbs has revolutionized the lightings system of the whole world and ruled it for over a decade but its biggest drawback has become the reason of its fall down and...

Dangerous Health Effect of LED & CLF Bulbs

With every passing day, electricity consumption is reaching new heights and so do the bills. But today’s customer is smart and purchase energy efficient appliances due to Effect of LED & CLF Bulbs, lightings and other electrical...

TV Remote Control is Causing Illness, Why?

You have cleaned every nook and corner of your house, appliances, pets and plants to make your home spotless and bacteria free. If your family member fell ill and the doctor says the cause of illness is...

Investigate AC – Health Problems May Caused by Air Conditioners

What’s the first thing you crave for on a hot summer day? A refreshing drink or a cool atmosphere!!!!! You must have opted for the cool atmosphere like the majority of the people. The air conditioner is...
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The As, Bs and Cs of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Try as we might, not everyone ages gracefully. At some point or another, and usually sooner than we’d hope, the signs of aging become...

A Comprehensive Guide to Pediatric Dentists!

Our teeth need a lot of care and taking care of our oral health is more important than we might think. Usually,...

How to Make Hibiscus Tea?

Regions with tropical temperatures have flowers called hibiscus, which can have either a red or yellow color. They are known for their...

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