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Download Free Health and Body Fitness Apps for Android

Smartphones can help us in a great way to keep us fit and healthy. It works like your personal trainer. Smart phone tracks your progress of sleep, running activities, heart rate, calorie counter, daily workout tracker etc. All these apps related to these activities are available on Google Play Store. Various sensors present in the Android smartphones help us to track the information about our workout routine.

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When you download Android health and fitness apps, these take data from the sensors present in it. We can see this data in the various applications which we are using in our smartphone. With the help of these apps, we can lose weight, stay fit, build muscles, count calorie intake, track running etc. It doesn’t matter that you have active gym subscription or doing home workouts these apps will surely help you in a lot of ways to keep you fit and healthy.

Now we will talk about some of the best fitness tracking apps which can track our daily routine and various activities. So let’s get started –

Download Best Fitness Apps For Android 2018

Runtastic Running Apps & Fitness Tracker –

Runtastic is really a great fitness tracking application available on the Android platform. It uses GPS to track daily routine like running, walking, biking etc. This application can show this tracked data in various tables and graphs. You can also use this app on various gym equipment and treadmill.

This app includes inbuilt voice coach, tracking of various activities, cheering etc. In this app, you can set your goals which you want to achieve in upcoming days. This app also supports android wear so you can track the details directly through your smartwatch. You can share your success goals on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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This app has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store with over 4.5-star ratings. This app is available for free but contains some ads along with some in-app purchases.

Nike Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plans –

This is one of the best Android Fitness Apps available on Google Play Store with no ads or any in-app purchases. It has more than 160 workouts which help us to increase strength, endurance, muscles etc.  This app has three levels of difficulty, you can set difficulty according to your preferences.

If you newbie then we will recommend you to start with an easy workout app for bodybuilding. This app has many workouts available for every body part like biceps, triceps, shoulders, buts, abs etc.

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You can stream this app onto big screen like Android TV by using Google Chromecast or HDMI Cable.

This app has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with 4.6-star ratings.

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk –

This is also an excellent app for all the fitness freaks out there. It uses GPS to track all fitness activities provide very good comparable results. It can track calorie burn, distance traveled, cycling speed etc. In this app, we can see the detailed history of all the activities which we had performed.

In this app, you can create your own training plans with inbuilt coaching. This app is free but support ads along with in-app purchase support. This app does support Android Wear. You can use your smartwatch to track all your data.

This app has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with over 4.5-star ratings.

Freeletics Bodyweight –

Freeletics Bodyweight is really an excellent app if you want to work on your body and muscles. There is more than 900 workout available for the fitness freaks. You can use this app anywhere anytime because of its 2*2 mode which allows users to workout in the very limited area.

In this app, if you are in need of any coach then you can hire a virtual coach.

This is really a great app if you are a beginner or a pro who wants to workout in a small area. This app consists of in-app purchases. Pricing starts at $9.88, you will get access to workout videos etc.

This app has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store with over 4.6-star ratings.

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking –

This Google Fit app is developed by Google itself. It is also great for fitness freaks out there. It uses mobile sensors to track the data of an individual and record your various daily activities. It can track your speed, route, running, walking, jogging, distance, calorie counter etc. It supports integration with android wear.

It is a new app from Google. In this app, you can track all your daily activities. This is really a good app for those people who prefer home workouts.

This app has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store with over 3.9-star ratings.

JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight, Lifting, Gym Planner –

JEFIT is also an excellent workout trainer app that provides more than 1300 different exercises for the fitness freaks who wants to progress further or wants to achieve their goals. All the exercises include animations which makes a user understand the workout. This app also includes fitness tracker, workouts, resting time, goals etc.

This app can work offline too and you can sync your whole data to the cloud for further look up. You can also set your goals in this app. This app has easy to understand and a user-friendly interface.

This app has more than 5 million downloads with over 4.5-star ratings. This app is free comes along with in-app purchases.

Strava GPS: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming –

It is one of the best fitness app available on play store. This app can track your running, cycling, analyze your workouts etc. This app also consists of Leaderboards option where you can challenge anyone or can compete with other users of this app all around the world. It can track your daily routine, cycling, mile counter, distance tracker.

This is the best app for the cyclists out there. It provides you with a network of roads. You can track all your data cycling with this app.

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This app is free but consists of in-app purchases. You can buy premium version for unlocking Triathlon and Marathon tracking activities.

This app has more than 10 million downloads with over 4.5-star ratings.

Samsung Health –

This fitness app is developed by Samsung itself. This app helps you to track your fitness activities, weight, diet, food, sleep etc. This app helps you track your daily activities and habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This app can track various activities like walking or running, indoor-outdoor games etc. You can monitor your diet then plan for weight loss according to that.

You can compete with your friends around the world and can set new goals for them.

This app has more than 100 million downloads with over 4.3-star ratings.

Home Workouts, No Equipment –

This is really a great app for those who want to do a workout at home. This app can help you to build muscle. This app has over 100 videos and animation guides for all the workouts present in it. This app consists of many exercises for all the body parts like legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, forearm etc.

This app also consists of warm-up exercises, stretching, etc. You can check your progress and set a reminder for the next workout. This app is free but contains in-app purchases.

This app has more than 10 million downloads with over4.5 star ratings.

Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

This is an excellent app for those who want to lose weight. It has more than 6 million stored food items in its database. You can add the food in this app by scanning QR code or by manually.

In this, there are more than 350 exercises present for the fitness freaks. It allows you to set goals for your progress. You can see your progress in graphs or tables.

This app is free but consists of in-app purchases.

This app has more than 50 million downloads with over 4.6-star rating.

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