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    Head to Los Algodones in Mexico for Inexpensive Dental Implants

    Mexico is no longer just a vacation destination, but also a dental tourism destination. In particular, Los Algodones, the northernmost Border town in the country is also one of the most popular towns in Mexico. , crowns, fillings – you name any dental procedure and you can get it for 60-80% less in Algodones, sometimes even more!

    Why Los Algodones?

    You may be asking why people are going to Algodones. Sure, the prices are less, but isn’t that the same throughout Mexico? Yes – it is, but Algodones offers convenience. The town is located right on the Border – you can park your car up on the US side and walk over. Many dental clinics offer shuttle services to and from the Border to their clinic, which could prove useful if you’re trying to locate your clinic out of the 300+ clinics that are packed into just a few square blocks. Algodones is easily accessible for Americans living in the Southern states, particularly California and Arizona, and is only around 7 miles away from Yuma.

    The quality of the dental care in Algodones is comparable to US clinics, provided you choose a reliable facility. In Mexico, dental care geared toward international patients is generally of a good standard. Many dentists choose to undertake some of their training in the US, obtaining American Dental Association membership, demonstrating to patients that they adhere to exactly the same professional requirements as American dentists do.

    Recommended dental clinics

    Algodones has more dentists per capita than anywhere else in Mexico. Dentists offer a comprehensive range of general and advanced dentistry. Here are three of the best:

    • Sani Dental Group

    The Sani Dental Group is a chain of clinics that have 3 branches located at different areas in town. The group was created 32 years ago, and since then, has grown to provide expert dental care to patients traveling to Mexico for dental health purposes. Communication is a key component of their success, and as such, their dental workforce is made of bilingual (English, Spanish) dental providers who can communicate effectively with both local and international patients.

    • Supreme Dental Clinic

    In business for over 11 years, Supreme Dental has established itself as one of the most popular clinics in Los Algodones for international patients. They aim to make patients feel relaxed, safe and secure creating personalized treatment plans and spending the time to reassure dental phobic patients that it really isn’t that bad!

    • Simply Dental

    Another top-quality Algodones dental facility that prides itself on delivering expertise in a timely manner. The clinic provides nice touches, like a refreshment center and aromatherapy, to help patients feel at ease.

    Price of dental care in Mexico

    Take a look below at the price of dental implants in Mexico:

    US $ CAN $ UK £ EUR € AUS $ NZ $
    Dental Implants Price – at home 3,900  4,900  2,800  3,100  5,000  5,400
    Dental Implants Price – Mexico 1,400   2,000   1,100  1,300  1,900  2,000

    In Mexico, dental implants and other dental procedures cost considerably less than in the US. So, head to Algodones if you’re looking for a convenient location on the Border for high-quality, low-priced dentistry.

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