Can Wearing a Hat Cause Baldness


You might be shocked by reading this. But this is true. Researchers are indicating that wearing a hat might lead to balding. Well, the fact is that there is no research to prove the same. There is no scientific evidence that wearing a hat might cause baldness.

“I’ve had people ask me about this, and I can understand why they think it’s true,”

says Dr. Hayley Goldbach, a dermatologist at UCLA Health.

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People generally resort to wearing a hat after they have suffered from hair loss. Thus many people consider that hair loss and hat goes hand in hand. Or maybe in some way that is contributing to the hair loss.

The doctor finally said

“I think the short answer is that [hat wearing] is probably not a real concern,”

“Genetics is the main player in hair loss,”

says Dr. Michael Wolfeld, a plastic surgeon specializing in hair restoration and assistant clinical professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

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Dr. Wolfeld added that there is a vast difference between Male baldness and female baldness and both of them can be attributed to genetics only. There is a genetic sensitive hormone in our body which is called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is present in the scalp as well as various parts of the body. When this hormones production decreases then your hair follicles and hair growth reduces and as a result balding occurs. Popular hair loss therapies such as Propecia work by blocking of the production of DHT.

Can Wearing a hat caused balding?
Can Wearing a hat caused balding?

But you must remember that the actual cause of baldness is multi-functional. Too much of stress, unhealthy lifestyle and putting too much pressure or tension on your hair can also cause hair fall. You should never tie your hair too tightly. Give some gap in your hair so that the air can comfortably pass through.

Can Wearing a hat caused balding?
Can Wearing a hat caused balding?

Also, excessive use of chemicals like dyes, hair color can also lead to hair loss. And massive hair loss contributes to balding in the long run.

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