Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Hairstyle is a field of endless creativity for everyone, especially when talking about teenage boys. Moreover, hairstyling matters a lot to make you look attractive and classy.

Hence, finding the right hairstyle can be difficult as several factors affect one’s decision. Thus, we have answered some of the common questions as well as listed the best hairstyles for teenage guys in 2021.

Which hairstyles you can definitely consider?

There are various types of boys haircuts, but you can surely consider Traditional Brush-Cut Hairstyle as it offers a very modern look. Have a shorter trim on top with a tapered haircut on the sides, creating a contrasting look that can go with any attire. Moreover, it gives a stylish yet simple look with a natural tone.

Which hairstyles you must avoid?

With great options, there are also some worst options in hairstyling. To look classy and elegant, teenagers must avoid hairstyles such as Man-bun with braids, Long Mullet Hairstyle, Spikes, Perm Hairstyle, Mohawk as they are not appreciable and make you look like you are influenced by the so-called show offers.

What is the best hairstyle for schoolboys?

Short Teenage Cut is the hairstyle you should consider for a simple and classy look for schoolboys. The style offers simplicity with a natural and elegant look.

List of products you shouldn’t use on your hair?

There are so many products that you should avoid using on hair and pretend the damage, such as:

Sulfates – It’s an aggressive chemical that will weaken your hair. It will also dull the color of your hair and damage the ends.
Denatured Alcohols – It can dry up your scalp and cause irritation as well as itching.
Synthetic Fragrances – Fragrances can lead to skin reactions, weaken your hair and cause damage to your scalp.
Cool Tar – Cool Tar is banned in Canada as it can cause cancer and brain damage if used excessively. So avoid products that have it as an ingredient.
Phthalates – Avoid using those hair products that contain phthalates, as they can cause various health diseases. This is why it’s banned to use in any Canadian and US government products.

How often should you cut your hair?

You should cut your hair every two to three weeks if you have normal hair. But if you have high fade hair, you can go for a cut once a month as it will last for around 3-5 weeks.
If you want to have long hair, you can wait longer.

What is the best hairstyle for a teenage boy?

Undercut hairstyle is one of the popular ones amongst the teenage guys as the glossy hairstyle offers style with a modern touch. It’s a perfect long hairstyle for teenage guys in 2021 and works well for curly or wavy hair.

How to save your hair from pollution in your teenage years?

Pollution is something that can damage your hair. So if you don’t take care of your hair at teenage, it will be damageable for your whole life. Follow these tips:

1. Cover your hair properly when you come out in polluted areas or traffic.
2. Wash your daily or alternate days if you come home from the polluted areas as pollution can lead to dandruff in your hair.
3. Use a mild shampoo.
4. Deep condition your hair after shampooing.
5. Use hair serum on wet hair as it protects the surface and cuticle of the hair.
6. You can also oil your hair once a week.
7. Do not use hot water; wash with normal or lukewarm water.

How to clean your hair after you come back from playing outside?

Follow the below tips, which can be quite helpful.

1. Right shampoo keeps your hair clean in a gentle way as well as moisturizes your hair.
2. Use conditioners and co-wash your hair to give presentable cleanness.
3. Don’t get hard on your scalp; massage your scalp gently with the shampoo to get rid of all the dirt.
4. Use a conditioner afterward and go for deep conditioning once a week.
5. Dry the hair thoroughly so that it can be gentle.

How often you should wash your hair in your teenage years?

If you are not living in polluted cities like Delhi, then wash your hair twice in one week. However, don’t get hard with your hair by washing it daily. Instead, use the right shampoo and conditioner and wash it properly.

With so many hairstyle options, it’s easy to get confused. So, to make it easier for you, we have listed the best boys’ haircuts.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo- Inspired Boys Cut

Haircut offers a classy and elegant look. A teenage boy can easily adopt this. The style is perfect for making it through the summer. It features short pomp combed over to one side. This also separated from the side and hard part haircut.

  1. Traditional Brush-Cut Hairstyle

In a classic brush cut, hair is kept shorter on top with a tapered cut on the sides. It creates a contrasting look that can go with any attire. Moreover, it gives a stylish yet simple look with a natural tone.

  1. Undercut Hairstyle for Teenage Guys

An undercut is a viable option for attractive and pleasant hairstyles. The cut gives an elegant tone. Keep the hair at the sides short and long at the top. The sides are mostly buzzed cut.

  1. Soft Taper with Texture Cut

The haircut gives glossy touch with more texture. If you someone looking for the texture, then go for it. Texture cut adds weight to the style by giving a fancy and trendy look. It works well for the teenage guy with medium hair.

  1. Texture Top with Temple Under shave

The style goes well for teenage boys with under shave. Moreover, a temple fade with a short, curly looks awesome. The thin hair texture will add more charm to the hairstyle. A taper cut involves thick hair on the top, gradually decreasing in length.

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  1. Slicked Style for Boys

The style can give a classy look to any teenager. Boys who want a refined hairstyle can easily go for it. It offers a gentle a stylish approach. The hairstyle for teenage boys is perfect. In style, hair falls on the back with perfect combing. The top and sides are thick with hair in the style.

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  1. Short Teenage Cut

The style is timeless and can easily work for teenagers and school-going boys. Further, it can be modified to be either subtle or bold. This is a great and lovely haircut for a schoolboy. It is a simple career cut in short length.

  1. Side Blown Undercut

The style works well for the disconnected undercut. It goes hand in hand with current men’s fashion, and guys will love it. The hair on the side is cut like an undercut. It also features hair on top with shaved sides.

  1. Short Fade Haircut for Boys

A short fade is a short haircut with very short sides. It is exquisite with a gentle approach. The oval-shaped with thin hair can easily carry it. The fade involves hair on top with low hair sides.

  1. Cool Haircut for Curls

People love curls as they are trendy for the modern approach. It is very simple and short but gives a pretty fancy look.

  1. Popular Side Part Cut

The haircut is classic, with a side part that is perfect for any look. Teenagers can easily approach the style. The hair is cut and swept on one side. Cut on the side part involves the hair on one side and cut disconnect on the other side.

  1. Cool Boys Pompadour

Pompadour can easily adopt by the 16 years old boy for a haircut. It is a very stylish and fancy hairdo that works well for outings and party looks. It involves the hair on top like a quiff. It can also involve small hair fringes standing on the head.

  1. Popular Cut with Long Top Layers

The haircut is for the schoolboy as it gives him a fancy look with a gentle tone. Teenagers can easily amaze the hairdo as layered hairstyles have been trendy for a while. The layers on the top are involved in the hair. The cut also disconnects the layers from the sides.

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  1. Modern Long Top Fade

Fade is the best haircut for guys that start with a long top or fade on the sides and back. It is a delicate hairdo with a stylish tone. You can easily go for medium-length to long hair on top.

  1. Boys Undercut Ponytail

The look is very macho as teenagers love ponytails. However, the hairdo will enhance its appearance with its fancy tone. The small ponytail with shaved sides is a pleasant look. Check out for similar ponytail hairstyles for men.

  1. Handsome Layers with Shaved Sides
  1. James Deen Boys Hair

The hairstyle is quite fashionable for teenage guys. It features a long layer on top. The side shaved offers elegancy to the look—layers on the top with shaved sides.

The style can be pulled off by teenagers with medium, thick, wavy, and curly hair. The hairdo will affectionate your look.

  1. Teen Edge Up

The style is perfect for school-going boys. An edge haircut involves the straightening of the hairline. As a result, hair is cut much shorter but gives a fashionable tone.

  1. Boys Hedgehog Style

The haircut is for the 14 years old boys tending in 2021. The hairdo is a creative and fun essay hairdo. The style will be amazed by the boys with short hair.

  1. Modern wet Look Hairstyle for Boys

The wet look hairstyle is a classic for men. However, it will give a modern look by adding slicked hair backward.

  1. Rock Star Guys Hairstyle

The shaggy haircut with medium length will be perfect for teenagers. In addition, the rock star approach will give a party look and even feel fresh.

Gorgeous style with a simple appearance will enhance the personality of any schoolboy. It gives a stylish and fancy tone to anyone. 

  1. Laconic Hairstyle
  1. Preppy Mod Look

A classic hairdo gives an elegant look. The stylish preppy touch is a slightly longer version of the military crew cut. Go for oval, long, straight faces.


You can try any of the above-listed hairstyles for boys and get a classy, elegant yet stylish look.

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