30 Latest Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair 2020

There are many great options for girls with long hair to check out. These latest hairstyles for long hair are made with many layouts that are interesting and will get anyone to turn around and check out someone appealing.

30 Simple (and Trendy) Hairstyles for Women in 2020

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Messy Braid

  • Messy Braid

The messy braid style is a great choice among hairstyles for girls with long hair thanks to the unique and uneven layout that the style comes with.

Low Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

  • Short Ponytail

A ponytail does not have to be overly long. It can be made with a short layout that offers a fun look without being too rough. It would require extra tying for it to work well though.

Jagged Bangs Long Hair

  • Jagged Bangs

A long hairstyle can come with jagged bangs that feature a series of fine curves and points all around to add a striking look all around.

Tight Curls Long Hair

  • Tight Curls

Tight curls are wavy and made to be less than an inch apart from one another. This Indian hairstyle for long hair features a tight look all throughout the hair.

Feather Fringe Long Hair

  • Feathered Fringe Bob

A fringe bob offers curls at the end that is a little more noticeable. The hair will still flow well and can move a little below the shoulders for the best look.

Tinted Edges Long Hair

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  • Tinted Edges

Tinted edges are made to feature a slight bit of discoloration on the ends to create a fun look all around.

Side Swept Bob Long Hair

  • Side Swept Bob

A side swept bob will come with the hair being emphasized on one half. The hair on the other half would have to be bound to where it will stand out more around the other half to create a nice style all around.

Tousled Layer Long Hair

  • Tousled Layers

Tousled layers can be made with a look where individual parts of the long hair style move along and add a textured style that creates a fun look all around.

Straight Curls Long Hair

  • Straight Curls

Straight curls will require a bit of styling with the curls being a little longer. That is, the curls will allow the hair to stay straight for the most part. The curls can start around the shoulders at this point.

Side Ponytail Long Hair

  • Side Ponytail

A side ponytail requires the base of the ponytail to start on the side of the scalp. This works with the ponytail favoring one part of the head. This is a great hairstyle for long hair for a party thanks to how it can draw anyone’s attention.

Fringed Ponytail Long Hair

  • Fringed Ponytail

A fringed ponytail will feature a nice style that features the ponytail starting at the middle part of the scalp. A fringe for the forehead should be left over at this point to add a detailed style.

Tight Side Braid Long Hair

  • Tight Side Braid

This style is similar to the side ponytail except the braids would start around the top part of the hair. This works with as little fringe as possible, thus making it more streamlined than other hairstyles for girls with long hair.

Dry Ponytail

  • Dry Ponytail

The dry ponytail offers a messy look. This allows the ponytail to have an uneven style.

Loose Ponytails Long Hair

  • Loose Ponytail

The hair in this ponytail style does not have to be overly tight. The knot that forms the loose ponytail can be a little larger in size.

Braided Twin Ponytails Long Hair

  • Braided Twin Ponytails

Using two separate ponytails works well if you can get them braided from the base all around.

Wavy Pixie Long Hair

  • Wavy Pixie

The wavy pixie style uses a sleek look that adds a slight fringe while allowing the hair to stick around near the shoulders. Some ties and knots might be required to make this work.

Braided Pixie Long Hair

  • Braided Pixie

The pixie style can also be supported with a series of braids to add a more dynamic look all around. This offers a fun style that is smooth and refined quite well.

Ruffled Pixie Long Hair

  • Ruffled Pixie

The next of the new hairstyles for long hair to check out is this option that features a ruffled look with enough waves moving along the top of the hair. This can work with an uneven look if desired.

Top Bun Long Hair

  • Top Bun

A top bun style can be tied up at the top to add a fun look. This can be made with bangs if desired.

Chic Half Up Long Hair

  • Chic Half Up

A half up style will come with a classic look where the waves around the top will create an outstanding layout when used right.

Framing Layers Long Hair

  • Framing Layers

Layers can be used with a good design with waves of hair moving along the back part to create an outstanding and fun look all the way through.

U-Shaped Long Fathered Layers Long Hairstyles

  • U-Shaped Cut

Another of the different Indian hairstyles for long hair to use is a U-shaped cut that features a curvy design all around with a fun look all the way through. It has a fun appearance when used right.

Choppy Balage Long Hair

  • Choppy Balayage

One of the best new hairstyles for long hair to see entails the choppy balayage. This uses flowing waves that go all the way through and can come with different shades all around if desired.

Long Tousled Layers Long Hair

  • Long Tousled Layers

The next style entails sing tousled layers that offer an uneven length all around. This adds a fun style that entails more curves around the hair to add a fun look.

Loose Curls with Bangs Long Hair

  • Loose Curls With Bangs

Curls and bangs can mix well if managed right. The curls should be pronounced around the bottom for the best results.

Stratified Strands Long Hair

  • Stratified Strands

Nice strands can add a fun style where the hair moves around and curves evenly without obstructing one’s face.

Layered Bed Head Style Long Hair

  • Layered Bed head Style

A bedhead look is great among other new hairstyles for long hair provided this is made with enough layers all around. This adds a fun look all the way through when used right.

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Straight Tresses Long Hair

  • Straight Tresses

Straight tresses are made as great hairstyles for straight long hair that features good waves that have a fun style all around.

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V Cut Layer Long Hair

  • V-Cut Layers

V-cut layers are good to have for offering a more distinct shape. You would need some extra styling spray to keep the hair in place for this though.

Descending Layers Long Hair

  • Descending Layers

The last of the layers to see involves something that allows the layers to be more visible as the hair moves down. This adds a fun look that has a classic style when used right.

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