What is the success rate of hair transplants in Turkey?

success rate of hair transplants

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic procedure used to address the issue of hair loss. Simply, it can be said that hair follicles are transferred from a donor site with significant hair development to a bald area.

Furthermore, many people believe that hair transplant surgery is only used to treat hair loss on one’s head; however, this treatment can also be used to treat baldness on other parts of the body, such as the chest, chin, eyelashes, or brows.

So, hair transplants can effectively be useful for anyone who has issues about thinning of the hair in certain areas. And, it can be said that if you get the surgery in a 5 star rating clinic, the outcomes will be permanent or very long lasting. Thus, hair transplantation surgeries are acknowledged as the surgeries whose success rates are high and reliable.

Turkey is, on the other hand, the leader country in terms of the success rates of any kind of cosmetic surgeries, especially hair transplantation techniques and methods are so perfect that the surgeons operating in other countries are coming to learn from them. Thus, the best country that you can find the highest success rates is Turkey.

If we turn to main topic, hair transplant operations are becoming more and more effective in addressing hair loss than over-the-counter hair restoration products. You should anticipate to see benefits from hair transplants three to four months after surgery, as 10 to 80 percent of transplanted hair begins to grow.

Turkey has become a hair transplant hub due to the high-quality treatment. People from other European and Middle Eastern countries travel to Turkey for hair transplants. In Turkey, the success rate of hair transplants is mostly determined by the medical staff’s experience.

When performed by a highly experienced medical team, the success rate is 98 percent. This means that 2 out of every 100 hair transplants will fail.

Every year, Turkey welcomes about 900.000 people, who fly to the country with an eye to getting cosmetic surgery, which proves the truth about the success rates and the professionalism of Turkish doctors. So it means that hair transplants are thought to account for 150 to 500 of the dozens of plastic surgery procedures performed each week, with the most, if not all, being a success story in Turkey.

On the other hand, foreign patients who travel to Turkey for a hair transplant are drawn not only by the government facilities, the high success rate of the surgery, or the experience of Turkish doctors, but also by the outrageously low prices. People who visit Turkey for hair transplants, or any other procedure that can be called as cosmetic procedure, can take advantage of special packages that include stays in world-class hotels and visits to historical sites.

So, you will have the best opportunities, if you visit Turkey for a hair transplant. The country has a plethora of high-quality hair clinics in various places. Choosing the best one is primarily determined by your personal preferences and financial constraints.

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In general, while a hair transplant in the United States can cost between $5000 and $15000, depending on the procedure employed, a hair transplant in Turkey costs approximately $4000. As one looks at the success rates that we aforementioned at the beginning of the text, he or she will see that it will be worth it.

Before ending the article, it would be better to give more information about the process.

Firstly, it does not matter whether you will have your transplant in Turkey or not, there are three primary things to look out for in the heading in for the treatment. Specific preventative measures, such as the following items, must be considered.

To begin with expertise, it is critical that you examine your surgeon and determine whether or not they have sufficient experience. The quantity of procedures performed is not a reliable measure of quality. To make the best decision, patients should combine this figure with images of successful outcomes.

Then, the reviews should be taken into consideration. Reading reviews on Google should provide you with an idea of the level of treatment and services provided by the hospital. There is no better source of information than actual experience.

Lastly, certifications are the most important safeguard of all. Patients should always check to see if the hospital of choice is government-accredited. It is much better if the hospital of choice has been certified by international boards.

To sum up, only 2 of 100 cannot be happy for the outcomes of the hair transplantation procedures which are hold in Turkey. Except from them, nearly each and every individual becomes happy with the outcomes of the surgery when the overall recovery period finishes. Nevertheless, there are still some considerations for choosing the best clinic that you should bear in mind!


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