Hair Loss Prevention Homeopathy

Hair Loss Prevention Homeopathy

Hair loss is one of the most common hair issues experienced by both men and women. Most of us are afraid of losing endless hair strands each time we comb our hair. During the winter season, we are most likely to have dandruff in our hair as our scalp becomes dry. This further intensifies hair loss in most people. Alopecia is the medical term of hair loss and most common type suffered by many people is pattern baldness. In this type of hair loss, a person loses about 95 percent of hair from the scalp. It is generally permanent and is mainly caused due to inherited genes. Alopecia areata is a different type of alopecia which involves hair loss on your scalp or anywhere from your body. This hair loss is temporary and its specific cause is yet unidentified.

Common Causes of Hair Loss are

  • Autoimmune diseases like alopecia areata, lichen planus
  • Styling, hair care products, dyes etc also cause hair fall
  • Various medicines and treatment like chemotherapy, gout medicines, birth control pills, excess of vitamin A supplement, depressants etc
  • Hormonal disorder and imbalances in men and women; thyroid dysfunction
  • Fungal infections like Tinea Capitis causes hair loss in patches
  • High fever or any major illness can lead to hair loss
  • Scalp diseases like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis may lead to temporary, patchy loss of hair.

If you love your hair and want them to be lustrous and healthy, then you must have already tried several ways of preventing hair loss. But, still you failed to get effective results, then you should seek help from homeopathy.

Homeopathy for Hair Loss Prevention

It is a form of treatment in which medicines primarily focus stimulating the healing process of the body. It primarily focuses on the weak immune response, family history or genetic tendency, type and intensity of the disease as well as systemic, emotional and numerous other factors that commonly affect this condition of hair fall or thinning. In homeopathy, hair loss is not treated as an external disorder. Analyzing it you will be able to find that hair fall is an external symptom of an internal disorder. If you try to treat this condition logically then the result might be futile and temporary. Hair fall is mainly considered as an indicator of an underlying diseases and if there is something wrong in your body. You may lose hairs due to a local infection or because of a systemic disorder or deficiency. Thus, the treatment of this condition differs accordingly.

Role of Homeopathy

Homeopathy plays a perfect role in generating the somewhat emaciated hair follicles and revitalizing hair that has thinned or become limited. Homeopathy treatment initially slows down the rate of hair fall, helps hair re-growth and finally increased the density of hair in the affected areas. One of the best advantages that this treatment offers is the prevention of further loss within 4-6 months of the treatment. There are many homeopathy treatments for the prevention of hair loss. Here, we have listed the top five homeopathy treatments.

  1. Hair-aid by Bakson’s

This is a homeopathic tonic for hair that is useful to check dandruff. Dandruff is a major concern for hair loss. It also helps in controlling premature graying of the hair and even split ends. It mostly promotes and fortifies the hair roots. Hence, it promotes natural hair growth and retains hair loss.

  1. Scalptone by SBL

Scalptone is a homeopathic hair loss treatment by SBL. This treatment is meant to avert all types of hair loss. In fact, it is also recognized for promoting healthy and good hair growth naturally. In this treatment, your are given tablets, which are proved to have no side effects. These tablets are also effective in healing dry scalp conditions and itching problems. The scalp receives better nourishment from these medicines and thus aids in stronger hair growth.

  1. Lycopodium

Working wonders on hair, this is one of the best homeopathic medicines. It helps in preventing a number of hair-related problems. Lycopodium is considered as a wonderful medication for hair loss, pre-mature graying of the hair and even baldness. It is formulated from club moss (fungus) which is potentised for its treatment.

  1. Fluoric Acid

This medicine considered as the excellent medicine to prevent hair loss is made of hydrofluoric acid. Fluoric Acid is best to treat alopecia areata, in which the patient suffering from this condition loses hair from spots on the scalp. This medicine works wonders for alopecia areata and is largely recommended by most of the homeopathy doctors.

  1. Sepia

This homeopathic medicine, unlike other homeopathic medicines, can be used for a range of health-related problems. But it is more useful I preventing hair loss. Sepia is recommended for the hair loss experienced by women after childbirth. This medicine also provides exceptional result to alopecia areata, matting of the hair and hair fall due to menopause. This again is a very commonly used medicine for retaining hair loss and also preventing a host of other hair issues. It is made from the inky juice of Cuttle fish.

  1. Borax, Cinchona officinalis and Calcarea phosphorica

These homeopathic medicines are all equally good medicines that are used to treat the problems of hair loss in anemic patients. The medicine Borax be useful for the patients who are anemic and complains of hair loss. Cinchona officinalis is recommended to the patients in whom hair loss is attended with anemia. People who suffer from hair loss due to excessive loss of blood leading to anemia is recommended to take this medicine. Clacarea phosphorica is another useful homeopathic medicine that can be used by the anemic patient to prevent hair loss. This medicine is mainly recommended to those girls who grow too quickly at puberty, experience hair loss, and suffer from extreme headache along with acidity.

At present, homeopathy is receiving global acceptance as a natural cure for hair loss and thinning. Homeopathic remedies treating hair loss is not only natural but is also free from any side effects. It can be easily undertaken, and is appropriate for both men and women from all age groups. However, before opting for homeopathic remedies to prevent hair loss and aid hair growth should be used only after consulting a professional homeopath.

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