Top 7 Hair Fibres in the World

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Hair fibres (or hair fibers) are a blessing for those who want to cover thinning hair and bald spots. It’s a simple yet effective method to look young! 

After trying countless hair loss shampoos, hair loss serums, and other tips, I can safely say that hair fibres are the only product that actually does what they claim. They’re a blessing for those suffering from alopecia, male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, or those who just want thicker hair. It’s possible with hair fibres. 

They’re the perfect hair loss solution.

Just take a look at our beloved footballer David Beckham’s transformation:

But which ones to buy and which ones to avoid?

For best results, you should only choose the best fibres. Quality hair fibres should be good enough to give a natural ‘no treatment’ look, and of course, the colour should match. Hair fibres are mainly of two types: Keratin and cotton. Simply put, Keratin hair fibres are always superior to cotton hair fibres as they do not clump like cotton fibres and have a natural shine.

But one aspect people often overlook is safety. Choosing safe hair fibres is the crucial bit.  The product should do the job adequately and not harm your scalp. The ones that are least ‘noticeable’ to other people are the best products in this case.

Hopefully, this list will help you make the right decision!

Here are some of the top 5 hair fibres that would help you look younger (Best to worst):

Kerrato Hair Fibres:

Kerrato offers one of the safest performances in hair fibres(and it has 100% natural keratin!). The brand also claims to have its very own innovative mechanical technology that ensures remarkable results without the chemicals found in other hair fibres. This is what puts Kerrato on top of our list.

These fibres give a very natural look, mainly because their colour is matched with natural hair. They only use USFDA approved food-grade dyes in their fibres. Food grade dyes are much safer than cosmetic dyes so we think it’s perfect! This also makes their formula chemical-free. However, some people may argue that the product is priced a bit on the higher side. Kerrato also does not offer as many colour options as other brands(as of now). But if you are looking for a natural look and you hate chemicals, it is a clear winner! – Follow this link –


Toppik is one of the first hair fibre brands in the world. It’s an established brand, known for its good strength and performance. The brand prides itself on being a premium quality experience, and its fibres as being extremely strong. Toppik is probably the most popular hair fibre brand in the world.

The only reason Toppik isn’t first on our list is that it uses preservatives. Add the silica and ammonium chloride to the mix and it does seem a bit worrisome. Toppik’s black shade does appear slightly violet, too. It might be the chemicals that make it difficult to mimic more natural tones. Follow this link –


Nanogen is not too popular outside Europe, but it is another brand known for its keratin hair fibres. Nanogen hair fibres are also priced on the higher side(similar to Toppik) and some feel it might not provide the most value. Although it is known to be a durable product, it contains preservatives and more chemicals than some might prefer.

And, Nanogen’s colour is a tad bit more natural than Toppik but it is not the best on the list. The brand comes in very premium packaging, though has its own patented Kinetic™ strip technology. Nanogen claims that this technology makes the fibre-hold 400 times stronger than others. It might be tough to find in your local market, however.

Follow this link –

Super Million Hair :

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Super Million Hair fibers originated in Japan and have been in the market for over 30 years. They have a powerful hold and are known to give a very natural look. The most common verdict is that it does the job well, without any hiccups. The price might be a bit high for some people, but most find the performance up to mark.

The brand claims to be 100% safe with no side effects. The fibers on their own give an ordinary hold, but with the ‘Hard mist’ spray, they last much longer. You might want to be careful while using the ‘Hard Mist’ spray as it is known to make the hair very rough. The drawback, according to us, is that it is made of cotton(or cellulose), not keratin. Keratin hair fibres are a better alternative as they do not clump.

Follow this link –

Caboki :

Although it is a decent quality hair fibre brand, the market is full of its dupes. It gets tough to identify the real one because there are so many dupes! The genuine Caboki product is amazing in terms of performance and duration but is considered too expensive for its quality by most consumers. However, as it is ultimately made of cotton – it will clump and not look pleasing.

The fakes that people usually buy are priced relatively low, but it comes at a cost! These dupes are also made using cotton(not keratin) and questionable ingredients. Plus, some reviews suggest that they have caused allergic reactions on the scalp. Since they are of cotton, they’re known to give out a very unnatural shine and become clumpy when you sweat.

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Rebuilds :

Rebuilds hair fibres are known to have a decent consistency. It is considered a value for money product in terms of quantity so that might attract some. Although, it is known to give an unnatural look and clump easily. Plus, the product’s no return policy is a problem for some people who wish to return it.

Rebuilds claims that its fibres are of Keratin but at this price point, it is questionable. And they behave exactly like cotton fibres – in terms of clumping and shine. Plus, the product is of similar quality to Caboki(which is half the price). The positive here is the colour of the fibres. It is well-matched to natural hair. The product is easy on your wallet so you can consider it, but we cannot firmly guarantee a positive experience – especially in terms of safety.

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Looks 21:

Looks21 is another product of decent quality, but it does have mixed reviews. Looks21 hair fibres are also made of cotton(not keratin). People seem to be happy with the price and quantity of Looks21.  However, it does contain some questionable chemicals (not necessarily listed).

They are of similar quality as the ‘Caboki dupes’. It is an affordable option, but the quality may not be up to mark. The fibres are known to clump (especially in tropical conditions such as India, UAE, etc.) and it could be noticeable because of their shine. A major reason it made the list is that the colour is relatively well-matched to natural hair. 

Follow this link –

Some other hair fibre brands you can try are: 

  • Surethik
  • Dexe
  • Xfusion
  • Anamax
  • Hairouse Natural Hair Building Microfibers

Hope your decision is clear now! 

Choose wisely!

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