Top Must-Have Gym Accessories

Are you ready to work out but don’t know what you must have with you during exercising. Going through reviews can be confusing sometimes and you cannot waste your hard earned money on those accessories which you are not going to use.

gym accessories list

So here we are suggesting some essential and inexpensive gym accessories which will improve your work out

  1. Adjustable wrist wraps

Weight training can be strenuous and thus make your wrists prone to injuries. Wrists wraps keep your wrists secure and steady. It will help your wrists like lifting belt helps your back.


  • Keep your wrists in place
  • Reduce wrist pain
  • Reduce chances of wrist injury
  • Make your wrists comfortable so that you can do more reps


  • Limits the range of motion of the wrist
  1. Knee wraps

Knee wraps for weight lifting are designed to stabilize and support your knees during vigorous exercise or heavy weight lifting.

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  • Support your knee and legs
  • Prevent injuries during heavy weight lifting


  • Reduce range of motion of knees
  1. Sweatproof Headphone

Music is a great way to concentrate on your workout and it will also divert your mind from other stuffs happening at the gym. It motivates you and helps you in finishing more reps.


  • Divert attention from other events at gym
  • Indicate People that you don’t want to be disturbed
  1. Blender Bottle

You can’t carry your blender everywhere but you can carry a blender bottle to mix your protein shake when you need an energy recharge during your work out. There are blenders which run on batteries and quickly mix your protein shake.


  • Portable item
  • Drink directly from it
  • Gives better result than shaking or stirring


  • Requires batteries
  1. Lifting Gloves

Gloves provide a better grip and reduce the pain during weight lifting. Small grip weights like barbell can sting your hands and the cushion support of the gloves can prevent this stinging during workout.

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  • Better grip
  • Better concentration
  • Less pain
  • Fewer calluses
  • Prevent mashing of palm folds from weights


  • Reduce grip strength
  1. Lifting Belt

Lower body is vulnerable to jerks and injuries during heavy weight lifting. Lifting belt keep your lower back steady and prevent any sudden and dangerous jerks or injuries. It is mostly used during squatting but many people use it for every exercise.


  • Provide lower back support
  • Prevent jerks and injuries
  • Keep your back steady


  • Decrease the range of motion of your back
  1. Ab straps

It is portable equipment for abdominal workout. You can place your arm in these straps and bring your legs towards your chest to do abdominal workout.

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  • Good for people who feel back pain during crunches or leg raise


  • It requires a bar to be hanged
  1. Lifting straps

It is used to reduce the need of strong grip during lifting. It is tied from wrists to the bar so that the pressure can be taken off from your hands and place on your wrists.


  • Allows you to lift heavy weights


  • Your grip strength will not increase if you use this
  1. Chalk powder

It provides rough surface on your hands reducing the slipperiness caused by the sweat and thus a lifter is able to lift high amount of weights.


  • Prevent injury
  • Increase grip support
  • Allows you to lift heavy weights
  • Prevent slipping of weights from your hands


  • It is messy and many gyms won’t allow it

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