Gurumann Receives “World Book of Records”

Gurumann the fitness icon has been conferred with “World Book of records” achievement. This was given to him during his India tour by Daler Mehndi. The award was given at Gurgaon. Recently, Rajiv Gandhi fitness excellence award got announced and many fitness icons of India won those awards, but not Gurmann. I think this WBOR achievement is sufficient to show the worth of this icon.

He has been awarded because of his numerous efforts and outstanding work in making the world a better place. His efforts have been quickly recognized and thus the guy has been awarded this outstanding reward. The award has been given in the category of “Humanity and Universal peace”.

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♦️Thank you “World Book of Records” for giving me an achievement award certificate?? Thank you Daler paji for your love and support❤️ @dalersmehndi ——————————— ▪️”World Book of Records” honors personalities and places of outstanding Contribution for humanity and Universal peace. ——————————— ▪️WBR said, “GM has been working for “Mission India Fit” goal to change how India is placed on the global map, in terms of health and fitness. We honor you for your outstanding work for the country and community around the globe” — WBR ——————————— ??My 10years work for the community got recognized?? ——————————— #gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit

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California based Guru Mann is the world’s top fitness specialist.  The man has more than 3 lac followers on his Insta account and more than 1.6 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is a professional fitness model who is also a certified fitness trainer. He is also a nutrition and sports specialist.

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His diet and regular exercise is the secret of his chiseled body. His diet mainly consists of high-value protein, carb, and moderate fat. He also has his cheat days but he likes his system to stay clean throughout the year.

He mostly works out during the evening. He works out for at least 1-1.5 hours a day. He is mostly into strength training with lots of supersets and giant sets with short rest periods. He does cardio thrice a week. And he is also into swimming and gymming both.

He is also a fan of an early riser and he makes sure that he is up by 6 AM. He makes it a point to work out for at least 3 days a week.

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? BLAST YOUR BACK GUYS ? ———————– While you train your back, you can begin to understand the things you are doing wrong while training and how to really feel your back working. Follow the 4tips below: ?Squeeze /// The most important thing to do on every rep of every set of every back workout is to squeeze it. Most of the time the reason you can't grow your back is because you can't feel it. Hold the contracted position of each back lift for one second and if you still can't feel your back working you are probably still performing the movement incorrectly. ?Visualize /// Your mind is just as important when lifting as your body is. Because you can't see your back working you have to imagine it working instead. Before you start your back workout start to visualize your exercises; pull-ups, pulldowns, barbell rows, deadlifts, or whatever you are doing that day. Imagine that you are working your back and only your back when doing these exercises and visualize yourself doing these exercises from behind. Visualize what you would look like if you were standing behind yourself. ?Use Straps /// A lot of the time when you can't feel your back working it's because of the fact that your forearms and biceps muscles are giving out and getting fatigues much earlier than your back muscles are. This happens a lot more as beginners, and it can be a huge pain. Go to a sports store and grab a good pair of lifting straps. Or you can pick some up online. ?Go Light /// You have an ego. As a weightlifter I promise you that you have an ego. And sometimes that ego can kill the effectiveness of your training. Don't let it. Maybe one of the most important parts of back training, and any training in general, is to only use a weight that you can actually handle. If you are training your back and swinging your body on every rep with horrible form then you are using way to much weight with your exercises. If your back is rounded on deadlifts, rows, or any of the lifts for your back then lower the weight. If you have to throw your entire body into each lift then you are using too much weight. -Guru MannⓂ️ —————— #gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit

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Guru remembers his early teen days when he was extremely skinny. He was quite demotivated by his body and persona and that’s when he decided to work hard and started spending his time at the gym. And gradually he gained his body.

His motivation mantra is I remember what I used to look like and see how I’ve changed. Plus, I like helping other people reach their fitness goals. I’ve been weight training consistently now for 13 years and I’m really enjoying how muscle maturity has made my body take on a much denser, more athletic shape.

Guru Mann is a hardcore fan of fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger and he follows him like anything. Guru is also a strong believer in the fit country. He believes that fitness is a key to good health and thus he is also a strong promoter of fit and healthy diet supplements.

Guru Mann is also on a mission to make India healthy and disease free and he is currently touring four cities of India for the same.


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