Guru Randhawa Fitness Secrets Unveil

Guru randhawa launched a fitness magazine - he is with a co founders of magazine - 3 people is in this picture. Guru Randhawa wore black attires.

I was invited for the inauguration of Fitlook Magazine, a health and lifestyle magazine, which is newly launched on November 2, 2016. There the famous Punjabi pop singer Guru Randhawa featured the cover page of the first pan-India issue making the magazine a nice one. I first was not able to believe but later I decided that I must try an interview with him and really it was a great experience for me.

I got an opportunity to meet Guru Randhawa and here is a glimpse of his interview

Sir, how do you begin your morning?

I usually get a late-night schedule due to events and song recording. I go to sleep by 6.30 in the morning which can be quiet surprising. But I know I am a public figure and have to keep up my look. So, I work out daily which keeps me fit.

Do you manage heavy work out or light crunches?

Huh!!!! You can see my lean body. So, what do you think do I need to do such heavy exercises? I do everything with full dedication and even if I perform for 15 minutes only I try to give my complete fortitude. This matters the most for me making my life beautiful.

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Is there any particular diet for you?

No, I don’t follow any specific diet. Simply, I avoid junk foods. Other than that I eat veg and non-veg meals, which tastes good to me.

What would you say about steroids? And would you like to give any comments for those celebrities consuming steroids to get a better masculine look?

I never support steroids for any purpose. Fitness is the only way to look good for me and I believe in it.

So, here is how Guru Randhawa manages a healthy lifestyle without disturbing his schedule.

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