Guru Mann Motivational Event at Nagpur

The god of fitness who is extremely passionate about the Mission India fit recently completed his Nagpur tour and now he is headed for his next stop. His next stop is at Barnala, Punjab today at 12 pm.

The man has been a great supporter of a healthy and nutritious diet. He believes that a well-planned diet will give you a fuller body as compared to those self dangering growth hormones. The man is a passionate influencer and speaker when it comes to weight loss and bodybuilding tips and tricks.

He was a guest speaker at some weeks back concluded Sheru Classic 2019. He motivated the crowd and also gave some safe and sound bodybuilding tips and tricks. He has been a vocal supporter of Missio India fit and has been touring various part of the countries on the same thought.

The man has envisioned India five years down the line and his vision is to make the country disease free and a much healthier version of what it is today. Guru Mann has also launched his own GMSA fitness academy which has the best international standards and it is also a vital tool for making the country healthy and disease free. He also plans that a fitter and healthier next generation will play a very important role in the education system of the country.

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Guru Mann has also tied up with the Government under their skill India initiative too. Right now he lives in the US but he makes sure to stay connected with his Indian fans through his YouTube and other social media accounts.

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♦️I been through the Pain many times and I know everybody go through some kind of pain in their life!! ??If you wanna be successful then you have to go through the PAIN. Whether its a Pain of transformation to be a celebrity, a successful businessman, etc! Pain is everywhere! Most people spend their life not to deal with pain of rejection! The pain of defeat, The pain of being disappointed, The pain of losing, The pain of failure, The pain of being criticized, The pain, The Pain, The pain….thats called life. Life is full of pain, guess what; there is no game without pain? And at the end there is a pain of regret!! So deal with the Pain, you’ll be successful? -Guru MannⓂ️ ————————— #gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit

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His journey into a healthy lifestyle started when he lost his father to stage 4 cancer. And that’s when he decided that if a healthy lifestyle pattern is followed then any kind of disease can be prevented in the long run.

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