Guide to Medical Care When You’re Not Working


Medical care is always going to be a concern, even if you don’t currently need any it’s always something that niggles away at the back of the mind, the what if can be a worrying powerful concern. So it’s natural to assume that if you find yourself out of work you then can find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation wondering how you will provide medical care for yourself or your family.

Check About Insurance

Sometimes insurances run on after an employee leaves job for a short while, however medical and dental cover rarely do and are usually ended on the date of termination. But, it’s always a good idea to check this when leaving a job to ensure you know when it exactly finishes so that you may take other precautions.

If you are then uninsured you need to figure out how to be covered, you may qualify under your spouse’s policy if this is the case ask them to get in contact to ensure you are named on the document to ensure there is no gap in cover.

If you are still struggling and have the means then maybe you can take out some private health insurance even if it’s just for the short-term.

Always Get a 2nd Opinion if Something Does Happen

If something, unfortunately, does happen it’s always important to get a second medical opinion to ensure that the diagnosis is correct. This is key because you need to be certain that firstly, you are getting the best treatment, and secondly that you are not paying for an expensive treatment that isn’t going to solve the issue, and if you are uninsured and paying yourself this is not what you want.

Government Assistance

There are provisions made for those without insurance and although they are not the ideal solution you’d be wanting to find yourself in, they are better than nothing and you should know what they are.

In most cities, you will find free clinics and you’ll need to be patient as long waits are not uncommon in these circumstances but you will get to see a qualified medical professional. We need to know though that there is insurance help available if you are suffering from a disability you should be aware of getting medicare while on disability.

Look at Additional Help

We always think when we have a problem then we need to make sure it is treated by doctors and in hospitals. This should not be discounted as always medical advice should not be dismissed, however, you can always look at additional and complementary treatments for any ailment.

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Any people swear by such therapies as acupuncture or aromatherapy amongst many others. For physical problems, you may want to look at extra physical therapy and exercises to help recover from sports injury. Any extra help can shorten recovery time and help reduce the overall expense of treatment which is very welcome to the uninsured.

Can You Claim Any Compensation

Although you may find yourself out of insurance due to being unemployed if you are needing medical help due to an injury, especially if suffered at work, you may be able to claim compensation at if the injury was suffered due to any negligence on another party’s part.

You should first seek the advice of an experienced law firm with experience in civil litigation claims and look to maximize any pay-out. If you think that there is any chance of this being the case then be sure to keep any documentary evidence of the fault.

Take photographs of the scene of the accident, concentrating on any faulty equipment, paths, ladders, etc. You should also visit a doctor at your earliest opportunity and get a full assessment and report sorted out, taking and keeping photos of any injuries.

Set a Recovery Schedule for Work

If you find yourself in a position where you feel that your illness or injury is going to be temporary then you will need to be looking at a return to work schedule.

If you are currently without a job to return to then it’s important to act ahead of schedule as you can start applying before you are ready.

This way you can let potential employers know when you would be able to start and may have something set up to start when you are ready. If you do have a job to return to then it’s important to keep in touch with your manager to ensure that you are all on the same page.

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