The Guaranteed Ways to Get Taller in 1 Week [Infographic]



Get Taller in 1 Week

There are several questions related to increase in height. People, who have short height, wonder how to grow taller in one week. And if somebody says it is possible to grow taller in one week, it’s pretty shocking for them. How is it possible to increase height in one week? The answer is either a yes or a no.

So, here is a detailed exercise plan, diet plan and everything that you need to know to get taller in one week.

There is no miracle in science to prove that an adult person can get taller in one week. There is no medicine in science which stimulates growth to help you get taller in one week. However, there are some exercises by which you can guarantee increase your height in one week.

One Week Get Taller Exercises Plan

There are some stretching exercises which will surely help you get taller in one week.

  • Hanging Exercise: Benefit of this exercise will be seen a few days later, only if you perform this exercise religiously for a couple of hours at certain intervals. This is a very simple exercise.

Fix a hanging rod between two pillars of your home or balcony, at a reasonable height. You just have to get a grab of this horizontal rod and stretch or pull yourself in the upward direction, then going downwards gradually.

Perform this exercise for a couple of minutes, until you have the stamina to hold on. This helps to lengthen and strengthen your spines.

There is a saying that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So by hanging, the bar is pulling you up and the gravity is pulling you down. This helps the spine to relax and elongate to make your posture better. [1]

  • Touch your toes: Standing with your arms above your shoulders, keeping them absolutely straight. Then slowly bend down and touch your feet. You need to hold on to your feet by touching them. Perform at least 10 sittings of this exercise. Keep in mind that your knees should be straight while bending. Come up again slowly [2].

Do this exercise religiously for a week and notice the change in your height.

  • Two straight legs up: Lie down on a mat by your stomach. Rest your chin on the ground firmly. Your arms should be beside you. Now slowly pull your leg in the upwards direction. Hold it on in the air for a few seconds. Bring it down slowly. Now take the other leg in the upwards direction, as much as you can. Hold it and then release it. Now perform this with keeping both legs together. Up in the air, hold on for few seconds, bring it down. Do this for a week or more [2].

Perform these exercises regularly just as you follow your other plans. Guarantee, you will see the change in your height in just one week. By doing exercises, your muscles stretch and you can gain your height as well as grow two inches taller in a week by following these steps regularly.

One Week Get Taller Body Posture Plan

The better your posture, the better height you will get. Always remember to keep your posture correct even while you’re lying down or sitting. Always sit with back absolutely straight. You should know that your height is hidden in your spine. The straighter you sit, more elongate your spine will be and thus add growth to your height by a few inches [3].

Whenever you lie down, always lie down straight. By slouching you are making your spine bend. This will result in having a curved body posture. Your height is hidden in a curved body posture. Always lie down straight on the bed to get taller fast.

Take your arms above your head while lying. Perform this stretch. Your spine will get stretched. Do these for a few seconds before you doze off?

One Week Get Taller Diet Plan

  • It is advisable to add peas to your daily diet. All nutritional benefits help you boost your height.
  • Sprouts stimulate growth in your body, thus increasing body height by a few inches. Though this is not a fast process.
  • Broccoli has the ability to stimulate height increasing hormones in the body.

All the sources of protein, if taken regularly, will surely be a hit in increasing your height faster. [4]