Why to Change your Mood for a Glowing Skin

Why to Change your Mood for a Glowing Skin

Your emotions can have both positive and negative effects on your skin. That’s why wise people say, ‘you always need to smile for a good and glowing skin‘. Stress, depression, embarrassment and anger are some of the main reasons for a dull skin and you have to go through all these emotions on regular basis.

Unhealthy and dull skin can surely make you feel down and the common reasons are imbalanced diet, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle but do you know that your mood can also affect your skin? It means that your stressed life might be one of the reasons for your early wrinkles, dull complexion and breakouts!!

Moreover, the longevity of each emotion also affects the skin condition!

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How different emotions affect the skin

  1. Stress

Stress is something we all go through every day and it is probably the biggest enemy for your lovely skin! According to the celebrity dermatologists around the world, stress makes our skin look more aged than our real age.

It happens because the pesky hormone cortisol flows freely through your system during stress.

This cortisol makes every organ and blood vessels more fragile which hampers the production of new cells (It slows down the cell formation process). It may even cut down the speed of cell formation by half making our skin look more aged!

Moreover, we start neglecting a proper healthy diet and turn to junk foods during the stressed moments. Dehydration is also common during stress and all these factors cater to a wrinkly aged face!

So, you should avoid getting into stress inducing conditions as much as possible. If necessary, you should also make an appointment with a stress specialist who can help you out!

  1. Anger

Do you know excessive anger, unnecessary arguments and conflicts with other people can also be the reason for your wrinkles?

It happens because anger makes our facial muscles tensed up which usually leads to fine lines on our skin. Not only that, our anger also affects the skin healing and rejuvenation process!

Researchers have found more cortisol in short tempered people. This cortisol also slows down the healing process of the skin while increasing the wrinkling process!!

  1. Depression

Depression and sadness affect both our skin and health. It causes hair loss, weight gain, hormone changes, acne, skin pigmentation and many more things!

Frequent frowning and furrowing of brows can result into early wrinkles. According to the researchers, facial expressions have a strong connection to our emotions. People say that if you are unable to frown then you may not feel depressed that easily! Thus, our facial muscles not only express our moods but also regulate them.

Long-term depression can have devastating effect on your skin. During depression, our body produces stress hormones which prevent repairing process in the body. These chemicals also cause sleeping problems which make the skin look dull and give puffy eyes!

  1. Embarrassment

We all experience embarrassment at some point of time in our life and some of them we cannot easily forget if they were extreme.

But the thing is, even embarrassment has adverse effect on your skin! They can easily move from our brains to the skin.

Neuropeptide receptors which are present in our skin receive mixed signals from the brain which causes chronic blood vessel swelling and affects our sleep! It can even increase the acne problem. Moreover, the normal blood flow to the skeletal system gets hampered, the skin cells weakens and enzyme production is altered due to embarrassment

  1. Fear

When we get frightened or threatened whether for an imaginative cause or real, our brain signals for the production of epinephrine aka adrenaline by the adrenal glands. This adrenaline increases the heart beat rate which pumps more blood to muscles of the body in fight or flight situation. But this adrenaline also is the reason for our skin to turn dull and pale (which generally happens when we get into danger)

Negative emotions can harm our skin, similarly positive emotions can also affect our skin means it can make our skin glowing. If you succeed in improving your mood then gradually our eating habits will also improve. Healthy foods will improve your health making you livelier and happier.

Keeping yourself hydrated, well rested and cheerful is also necessary for a nice and healthy skin. So, try to smile and laugh more as “Laughter is the best medicine!”

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