Gifts Ideas For Children’s Day

Gifts Ideas For Children's Day 5

14th November is often celebrated as our former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary but most of us celebrate it as Children’s Day as he was extremely fond of children. Since we all are aware of International Children’s Day importance, parents must respect the love of Jawaharlal Nehru towards children and parents must remember their duties towards children on this day. This is the reason why do we celebrate International Children’s Day. Children are very keen about surprise gifts. Whether the gift is big or small, it always appeals to them.  and hence the following is a list of gifts that parents can give to their children (of different age groups) just to bring a smile on their face:


Childhood is the most pleasant phase of our lives and every kid expects his or her parents to shower gifts on them on Children’s Day. Obviously, they would not want it to be something that will empty the pockets of their parents but they would want to owe a gift that can make their childhood days memorable. A few gifts that parents can give to their kids are toys, cars, dolls, doctor kit, kitchen set, barbie doll houses, etc.

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Teenagehood is the most sensitive stage of a person’s life and most of the parents take this phase lightly. Due to busy schedules, they fail to give their children time that they deserve. Children’s Day is the day when all the parents must take out time for their children and make them realize that you are always there for them no matter what. You can enhance the joy of this day by gifting them video games, books, stuff toys, remote control games, etc.


After the teenagehood comes the adult phase in which your children are grown adults and know how to deal with the situations in their lives. Although they are mature, they do require the support of their parents at every stage, even after marriage. So, if you are thinking about what present you should give to your grown up children then the best gift for them would be your time. Just make them feel their importance in your life and have conversations with them.

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