How to Get Taller Faster – Guide for Teenagers Boys?

how to get taller fast teenage

If you are a teenager and want to get taller faster then this post is for you.

Teenage is the only time when your hormones are at their peak. At such age, a stimulation system is at its best, and various other hormonal changes take place at a relentless pace. For a teenage boy, nothing is better than achieving a decent height; he can surely flaunt off and be proud.

But, as long as I unfold this topic based on my in-depth research, let us consider the two most important factors which are essential for the height growth of any teenage boy. Yes, you guessed it right, genes and nutrition. The deadly combination of these two can provide miraculous benefits in growing a teenage boy’s height to an extra orbit level. Apart from this, exercise can also play a vital role in getting a taller height.

Now, let us unroll the curtains and consider the three essential factors which are the driving force for the height increment of any teenage boy:

  • Genes
  • Diet
  • Exercise

Well, if you are a teenage boy and eager to solve the mysterious height growth problem, Sit down, take your favorite meal and understand the keynotes which you should hit for getting that proper enchanting height.

How to get taller at age 13? 

Do the right things from the start to get the fruitful results shortly.


For exercise, invest in different resistance training techniques. If you have a pull-up bar at your home, hanging exercise is the best one for an increment of height. Other than that, you can perform skipping, which is quite effective in the long run.  Learn more grow taller stretching exercises here.


Involve calcium rich foods since they are vital for height increment. Further, your diet should involve lean protein, fish, dairy products, Vitamin D for nurturing your bones and also zinc for fighting against growth stunt factors.  Get a list of food to increase height.


Start your day with a kick off exercise, go to school come home and do indulge yourself in some physical activities such as swimming & running. At last, have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours for nurturing your height with proper balance of everything.

How to get taller at age 14?

Now, that you have crossed one age group of your teenage cycle, here are the next important things for a 14 year age boy’s height growth.


At this age, I suggest you join a gym and do some pretty good exercises which will help you in your height growth. Do Lunges, skipping, pull-ups, etc. to enhance your height.


Include lean protein in your daily consumption. Also, get a lot of zinc; spinach is an excellent source for it. Calcium is an essential ingredient which should be consumed by every teenage boy. Must read guide on height increasing food


Maintain a disciplined routine of waking up early. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take proper sleep since majority of growth hormones are activated during this period.

How to get taller at age 15?

This age acts as a turning point for teenage boys. By this age, your genes decide your proper height growth factor, but you can push through further with some hacks.


Inculcate resistance training, do as many pull-ups exercising variants as you want and involve in the intensive training routine.


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Diet is all the same as of a 13-14 age teenage guy, but there are some minute add-ons. At age 15, your body needs that enough amount of calories. Maintain your calories, keep a check on it and never skip your breakfast.


Well, the routine is tough for a 15 yr teenage boy but getting some time for your height factor is not a big deal. Wake up early, Invest in some good exercises and take a proper running sleep of at least 7 hours for maximized results.

How to get taller at age 16?

Welcome to the next level of your teenage where you will need a balance of everything to let yourself grow taller and prosper.


With age 16, you can perform almost all of the strength and resistance training exercise. Carry a pair of skipping rope to your gym to shed some light on your height as well. Do some great variants of the hanging exercise for a regular period to make that height leap to its extent.


At 16, a proper combination of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats is a must. Take your every meal in this scenario. Invest in eating lean, calcium-rich foods and involve zinc from different zinc rich foods.


Now, that you are growing into a man, discipline should be a part of your routine. Eat a healthy breakfast, do your work, take some time to your gym, eat clean and get an adequate amount of sleep which stands as the backbone of every height growing factor.

How to get taller at age 17?

Congratulations, you are just one step behind entering the age of manhood, and you will surely want to know some deep secrets to stretch that height to some extent at this age.


Cobra Exercise:  It is one of the best exercises for lifting the spinal column to a great extent. Perform this relentlessly with repetition lasting for about 5 to 30 seconds.


  • Involve Calcium as much as possible.
  • Vitamin D rich foods such as fish supplements, fish, mushroom,
  • Protein consumption from eggs, chicken, fish, beans tofu,


Invest in a good gym, eat healthily and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep for maximizing your results.

How to get taller at age 18 (after school got over) 

Welcome to Manhood, where chances of your height growth are less. Still, you can put extra efforts to get taller.


Combine all the above exercises with Cobra being one of the best. Get a gym membership and continue with your training in a sheer determined manner.


  • Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner consisting of a balanced composition of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Include Vitamin D in your daily diet.
  • For a working teenager, better invest in some good protein bars to satisfy your hunger.


As majorities of 18 age teenager do work, planning of your daily activities is important and sleeping for at least 8 hours should be the primary goal of attaining the desired height you want.

Well, all of the information is right there in front of you perfectly sculpted in different modules. If you are a teenager and want to increase the height, you desire, better start off following the above guidelines to stand tall and be proud to face life’s challenges.

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