Get Rid of Imperfections- Enhanced Beauty with Glutone 1000 and Escor Z as Skin Supplements

Get Rid of Imperfections- Enhanced Beauty with Glutone 1000 and Escor Z as Skin Supplements 2

In the era of advancement, many professionally designed technologies and skin care items have been introduced that not only enhance our looks but also eradicate the minor or major flaws in our skin.

We often try several skin supplements in our daily lives that display promising taglines like ‘making us fairer’ or ‘removing dark circles etc. Do these products actually work? Now here, most of you will accept that these products don’t deliver what they promise.

The reason behind this is that there are a huge amount of chemicals present in these beauty supplements that can further deteriorate our skin quality. What our skin actually needs is a product that boosts the health factor instead of forcing it to bring instant changes through chemicals. This is what Glutone 1000 aims at delivering.

What is Glutone 1000?

With the passing years, we often get older and older and the quality of our skin starts deteriorating as the glutathione levels in our body starts declining. The fear of looking aged forces us to visit parlour or use chemical products that destroy our skin quality completely. Glutone 1000 is a skin care product that has been designed and tested by health experts. Matching the optimum conditions that are bearable by our human body, it ensures the health benefits of our dermal layer. It is an anti-oxidant also termed as ‘master antioxidant’ as it boosts healthy immune function, detoxification, skin health, and several other skin benefits. It contains harmless ingredients that impart skin lightening and anti-ageing benefits. It accelerates the production of (pheomelanin) that makes our skin lighter and overpowers the dark regions, hence changing our skin complexion without the use of chemicals. Besides this, it boosts immunity, stamina, and detoxification. These Glutone ranges of products contain the world’s best glutathione. Also, this product has been approved by GRAS and has been declared safe.

Product Information

1. Glutone 1000

Glutathione is an antioxidant present in a human’s body that plays a key role in maintaining optimum health of each and every cell present within. These Glutone 1000, glutathione, N-Acetylcysteine and Vitamin C effervescent tablets are something that is just needed to look younger and more beautiful.


We often avoid using products that promise to make our skin younger due to the rumours that are spread about them. But, not every rumour is true and obviously one should never judge a product without using it. The reason for choosing this product was that it not only promised to change the complexion of the skin but also offered health benefits. Obviously, if a product is healthy for our cells then there is no harm in using it anyway. Due to immense tanning our skin usually gets tanned and with the passing years, we also get wrinkles. At the initial stage of using the product, I did not witness much change for at least a week but slowly and slowly my skin started becoming a bit fairer and it definitely worked well. My skin was really rough and I was glad to see a change in the texture of my skin. It was becoming glimmery and soft. After a month there was a huge change in complexion. Obviously, it didn’t make me snow white instantly but it did clear the hidden germs present in my skin that was deteriorating its quality. There were a lot of wrinkles on my face but it did fix them as well. The process was slow but the end I got the promised results. Overall, the product delivers slow but effective results. One has to be patient to witness the change and very minor wrinkles will be left that will be almost negligible.

2. Escor Z

Most of us over here must be unaware of the fact that our skin has to fight with several chemical reactions and harmful germs that are caused due to exposure to UV rays, pollution or any chemical. These harmful pollutants enter the interior layers of our skin that not only leads to collagen degradation but also causes melanin over-production. Escor Z is basically a very rich supplement of Vitamin C that is essentially needed by our skin to diminish these radicals, boost collagen and ensure skin lightening. It’s daily consumption in our health drinks can accelerate the skin lightening process in our bodies.

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A majority of people out here, have to travel from one place to another regularly, due to work, studies or any other plan. Whether it’s winter or summer, the UV rays and pollutants do harm our skin and these pollutants enter our skin ultimately destroying the glossiness and health elements present in the dermal layers. No matter how much we try to save our skin via sunscreens or expensive cosmetics, they do get tanned and lose their perfection with time.

I have tried several products but this one was very different and promising. I wanted to regain the charm in my skin and for that, I decided to try this product as it had no side effects. It was like a miraculous product. It made my skin like it was before when I stepped into my workplace for the first time. The skin looked younger and fairer, hence making me more beautiful. I would say it is a perfect product if you want quick and effective results. The best part was that it didn’t harm my skin or showed any post-effects even after three months. Overall, it is a very trustworthy product.

Important Points and Precautions

1. These are health supplements and not medications, hence safe to consume and there are no Side effects of using this product.

2. Glutone 1000 contains world’s best Glutathione, “SETRIA Glutathione”

3. Escor Z are enriched with Phyllanthus embelica (Gooseberry/amla) extract, considered as a rich source of vitamin C.

4. Though Glutone 1000 has vitamin C in it as an ingredient but it is not sufficient for effective results, hence Escor Z provides that extra push for glutathione to work as it makes it easily absorbable in the body.

5. Escor Z is the best health supplement for Vitamin C in the market because of its effervescent form it easily gets absorb in the body and works along with glutathione tablets and gives effective results.

6. Both Glutathione & Vitamin C tablets are in effervescent form hence they easily are absorbable in water and then you can drink it.

How to use it?

Add 1 tablet of glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait for 2 min for them to completely dissolve and then can be consumed like any liquid drink.
It is advised to consume daily in the morning, empty stomach. For effective and actual results you have to take them for minimum 3-4 months and the results will be visible in a month time: 25-30 days with optimum use and proper diet. It is said to be the best skin Lightening combo out there in market as these products have the most positive reviews from its customers.

You can buy Glutone 1000 and Escor Z from ClickonCare

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