Generic Modafinil USA – Is It Safe for Use?

Generic Modafinil

Let’s face it, we live faster than ever. It brought us the lack of time and too much stress. Too many commitments disturb our behavioral pattern; we sleep less and have more obligations.

The connection between sleep disorders and cognitive abilities is very tight. You may notice that, when you didn’t sleep enough, the next day you can’t function well. You’re forgetting, you have no concentration, and you seem lost. There are times when fatigue just overcomes you, so you just close your eyes, even for a few seconds. In this case, if you are not diagnosed with sleep disorders, you can use modafinil to improve your working capacity.

Meet Modafinil, the World’s Most Popular Smart Drug

Talking about nootropics or popular “smart drugs,” modafinil is probably the first thing on your mind. Even if you didn’t use it, you probably heard of it. In recent years, this drug has gained incredible popularity, and for good reason.

Modafinil has widespread use in the USA. Officially, this drug has the license as a treatment for sleeping disorders, but its effectiveness has been proven in the field of improving cognitive performance. Something like brain stimulant, but without severe side effects.

The active substance modafinil has been in use for almost half a century. After its invention, this nootropic became popular among the members of the US Army and the Navy. Today, many famous and “ordinary” people use it. Some of the modafinil consumers are former President Barack Obama, business magnate Dave Asprey, and comedian Joe Rogan, as well as many executives in big companies.

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Not a Stimulant, just Keeps You Awake

The use of nootropic is no new trend. It is group of drugs, including modafinil, which is used to improve mental capacity without a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. And when a drug doesn’t contain psychostimulants, it can’t cause addiction.

Modafinil acts differently than psychostimulants. Read more about their mechanism of action here. This drug affects the metabolism of glucose and activates mechanisms that improve memory. It increases the activity of dopamine and noradrenaline neurotransmitters, in charge of numerous activities in our brain.

What Are Generics?

The nootropic market is growing at an incredible speed. But modafinil sovereignly maintains its position. And when some product is popular and successful, competitors will vie for it. The niche game gets more interesting from day to day.

Medicines that appear on the market for the first time have a protected patent for a few years. When this period passes, the manufacturer no longer has the exclusive right on this product. In other words, it belongs to everyone. Thus, modafinil was protected as an active substance nearly three decades ago. In 2012, the patent expired, and since then, several dozens of modafinil generics can be found on the market.

The concept of generics exists on the market for many years. Of course, this doesn’t prevent the original manufacturer from making the drug under a protected name. It’s their brand and belongs to them for a lifetime. But the license is available to competitors.

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Generics market in the USA

Generics on the US market must be approved by the FDA and must completely meet specific criteria:

– The active substance must not be different from the one used in the original modafinil (brand name Provigil). However, these laws are not fully respected, and so there are different modafinil variants. Why? Because The FDA didn’t define that the amount of active substance in the original and generic drugs should be the same.

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– Producers of modafinil generics for the USA market must not use the name Provigil, as it’s protected by the company that invented modafinil. They can use names that indirectly refer to this drug, such as Modalert or Modvigil. However, companies whose generics are available on the US market usually form the product name in simple way. They add “modafinil” to their name – Teva’s Modafinil, Mylan’s Modafinil, ALEMBIC Pharma Modafinil, etc.

– Since generics are proven “copies” of Provigil (modafinil), the costs of research on the efficiency and safety of use are lower than usual. Also, there’s no need for mass production all the time, and even marketing expenses are not high. For these reasons, the generic versions of modafinil have a significantly lower price than the original drug.

Many pages on the Internet offer information about buying modafinil generics in the USA. In websites like you can check all options and find out which one best suits you.

Are Generic Drugs Safe for Use?

If you buy modafinil generics in pharmacies or on trusted online stores, the answer to this question is yes. Certified pharmacies must adhere to some rules, which primarily relate to product safety and transparency of information.

It means that these stores must not sell products that do not have clearly prominent information on the mechanism of action, possible side effects, and interactions with other drugs. Click here to get more info about possible side effects of modafinil.

Also, the packaging must clearly indicate the fact that the drug is a generic, as well as the amount of the active ingredient. Such medications on the box must have a mark that clearly indicates that FDA approved their use.

As for the risk of addiction, as with the original modafinil, the chance for this is minimal. It doesn’t contain psychoactive ingredients; just inactive components such as lactose monohydrate or pregelatinized starch. And no one gets high with a starch.

You can easily recognize a poor copy of modafinil since most of them do not meet any of the above criteria. Those who opt for such product consciously risk their health. Generic versions of modafinil do not cost much, and they are a safe and reliable choice. It is advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist before buying, especially if you are already taking some medicines or have some chronic disease. Better safe than sorry.

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