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When it comes to recent discoveries on LPR treatments, the word pepsin is something you will encounter frequently. Acid is a common factor related to reflux and its relationship with pepsin is currently your gateway to LPR treatment.

LPR Research Developments

Drug developers with a focus on gastrointestinal issues have come up with products to deal with symptoms of reflux. Professor Peter Dettmar’s interest in LPR has seen him develop medicine for regurgitation and heartburn symptoms from the early 80s. In a recent interview, he talks about his earlier work in research and creating products to help deal with reflux. It is while he was working on the products that he discovered that reflux not only results in symptoms like heartburn in the esophagus but that it could access the airways and lead to major damage.

Initially, most people assumed reflux was a liquid. When it was discovered, it was getting to the airways and it showed that it was gaseous. The particles found in LPR are fine and can appear as mist or gas. The mist state explains why it led to symptoms in areas far from the stomach such as the ears, larynx and other far-off organs. It is able to penetrate and reach places that fluids cannot.

How Does Pepsin Relate to Reflux Illnesses??

In the past, people assumed the acid in the stomach was the one leading to the problem then research nullified this thought. Studies were conducted on both patients of LPR and those without and pepsin was found in the body of those diagnosed with LPR. Further investigation showed that acid and pepsin combined caused damage to the body. Pepsin leads to body tissue swelling and damage to the cell surface. In addition, it permeates into the cell and once absorbed by the cell it destroys the mitochondria and nucleus. While this happens, the cell mutates causing the function of the cell to die as well.

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Pepsin can be dormant in the cells for a while until it revitalizes. The thought of something in your cells waiting to be rebooted sounds scary. The good news is, activities such as talking and eating scraps off the old cells and leads to building new cells. The constant movement in the airways also replaces cells often. Therefore, there is no chance of reflux pepsin sitting in your cells for months though it can be on the cells for as little as 24 hours to 72 hours or even longer according to research.

Strenuous physical activities that create a bad body posture can cause reflux. Bending and plenty of physical actions can add pressure to the esophageal sphincters which heighten the chances of a reflux. Leaning over a computer for long periods while at your desk can cause reflux. Athletes and people who work out frequently are likely to get reflux.

Continued research has shown the correlation between LPR and pepsin and the dangers patients might face. It is important to avoid triggers that will cause reflux by minimizing physical activity especially if you are fit since this will minimize the likelihood of reflux.

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