Freddy Daruwala shares first picture of his baby boy

Freddy Daruwala shares first picture of his baby boy

Freddy Daruwala is one of such actors who likes to keep his personal life away from the media glares. We only know very few things about his personal life as he has not opened up much about his personal life.

The actor has been married to his lady love Crystal Variava for past 6 years. But the irony here is that more than his wedding, his relationship or let’s says affair post marriage with TV superstar Krystle D’Souza has been in limelight. But the past is past.

And now the recent news is that the actor and his wife Crystal have been blessed with a baby boy. They were blessed with the baby boy on Feb 3, 2019. And Freddy has now shared the picture of the newborn which they have named as Evaan.

Bollywood Photojournalist, Viral Bhayani was quick to share the picture on his account. When the baby was born Freddy issued a statement saying

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“My wife and I have been blessed with a healthy baby boy. Since he is our first child, we are really excited. We are looking forward to spending our lives with him. He is our bundle of joy.”

Freddy also made clear that he does not want the pictures of the baby boy to go public. He and his wife have made this decision and they really want to protect the privacy of the little one.

“Some would say that I’m an overprotective dad, but I think I’m a conscious one. At this stage in Evaan’s life, we choose everything for him- from the brand of diapers to his sleeping schedule. That’s because we want to ensure that he’s safe, happy and protected. My wife, Crystal, and I didn’t want our son’s pictures to become public. We made a conscious choice to protect his privacy and keep him away from all the unnecessary attention soon after birth.”

Speaking about his family life, Freddy Shared

Freddy Daruwala shares first picture of his baby boy
Freddy Daruwala shares first picture of his baby boy

“My family prefers leading a normal life. You won’t find their photos online nor do I share them on social media. My mother still goes out for grocery shopping and bargains with the seller. To keep them away from public attention, I make sure that I don’t speak much about them. If they get recognized, they have to follow a certain lifestyle, and they aren’t ready for it.”

When the actor was quizzed about his marriage with Crystal then this was his reply

“It’s not that I deny that I am married, but I don’t want to talk about what’s going on in my personal [married] life. I’d rather talk about my work.” He had further talked about their future children and had shared, “I don’t want my kids to grow up on the basis that they are born to a film star. They must lead a life away from all the attention. They should be able to make a name for themselves.”

When asked about maintaining privacy even after being in the public eye, then this is what the actor replied.

“As actors, our life is already very much in the public eye. I feel that this is the only part of your life that is something that you can hold onto yourself and let no intruder invade the privacy. I am not against talking about relationships. But once you start talking about it, the whole focus, whole attention becomes about the relationship and it is all that is majorly spoken about. I want people to talk about my work and know me more for my work. But yes, I am very proud of the relationships and women I have been with.”

When Krystle was quizzed about being in a relationship with Freddy, then this is what the actor replied

Freddy Daruwala shares first picture of his baby boy
Freddy Daruwala shares first picture of his baby boy

“Wow! Never even met this person [Freddy Daruwala] in my life and I am apparently dating and have some ‘growing PDA at private parties’ with him? I don’t know to laugh or be upset about baseless news like these! Also, you might be looking for ‘crystal’ and I might be looking forward to an apology.”

We hope the couple spends some quality time with their baby and share some pictures with us.

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