Four Ways DNA Genetic Testing Can Be Beneficial

Benefits of DNA Genetic Testing

With the development of technology has come to some extremely cool and unique things. One of those things is DNA genetic testing. This process is used to examine the DNA sequence in a person. These sequences can provide us with information about our genetic makeup and even give us a better idea about genetic changes that are passed down through family lines.

But there are four benefits in particular that make DNA testing such a viable thing.

Let’s get into those benefits of DNA testing and how they can have an impact on your life:

  1. Providing Certainty

We get a lot of things from our genetic makeup. Unfortunately, not all of those things are good. While we get things such as hair color or eye color from our genetic makeup, there is also the possibility that some negative health implications could be passed down.

For those who are uncertain if a certain genetic trait will be passed down – genetic diseases or a predisposed risk for cancer, for instance – a can provide a sense of relief. Even finding out that there is a risk of these conditions can be beneficial because it then at least makes physicians aware and allows them to come up with a preventative plan. All of which would not have been possible without testing.

  1. A Greater Understanding of Our Health

On a similar note, testing can help us get a better understanding not only of our genetic makeup but potential future health impacts. Not all of them have to be as dire as a risk of cancer, either. Perhaps testing can show that we are more susceptible to migraines, for instance.

Without this testing, we may experience symptoms that we don’t really give a second thought to. But that testing can give us an idea of why certain things happen to us and what potential health impacts may lay in our future. It can give our doctors the tools that they need to be more effective in diagnosing those issues and providing solutions.

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  1. Unlocking Family Trees

There are more than a few DNA testing services out there. We know a few by name because they are better advertisers than the others, but they all provide the same basic services. One of the major benefits of this type of testing is that it can tell us a lot more about where we came from.

We all have our own genetic line. Some of us have a better idea (or so we think) about where we come from. But it can unlock knowledge of family lines for those who didn’t have that information previously. Knowing what country or countries family comes from can have a lot of potentials.

Perhaps that means visiting the places of your ancestors. Or maybe it explains certain genetic predispositions. Whatever the case may be, it can be fun to learn more about our history and where we come from.

  1. Paternity Tests

Sometimes in life, the question of paternity can arise. There are more than a few reasons for this but they all demand certainty. One of the major benefits of DNA testing is that it can provide, without a shadow of a doubt, proof of parentage.

Whether it be for a custody-related hearing or simply peace of mind, DNA genetic testing can definitively prove whether or not someone is the parent of that child. As a matter of fact, it is all too common to have paternity tests done through DNA testing in court systems to prove definitively the parentage of a child.

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