Four Before 30: Health Conditions to Watch For

man at age 30

By the time 30 comes around, most of us are charging ahead down the path we’ve successfully paved. We’re hardly thinking about health concerns that could be lying in wait for us as we cross the threshold until our thirtieth year of life. However, a handful of physical changes are common prior to turn 30 which require some consideration and prevention.


Popping pimples is all too common as a teenager, but most see skin blemishes subside as they enter their 20s. Unfortunately, natural hormonal changes over time take a toll on the skin, often leading to acne as an adult. The additional oils produced by skin cells end up blocking pores which cause pimples to occur frequently in adults.

Maintaining a skin care regimen that includes cleansing and moisturizing is paramount to fighting off adult acne. However, some of the hormonal shifts that lead to excess oil production are difficult to manage without some external intervention. A number of skin care products are available either by prescription or over-the-counter that work specifically to reduce the frequency of pimples. Speaking with a dermatologist helps in determining the best course of action when adult acne sets in.

Loss of Muscle Tone

As aging takes place, muscle tone has the potential to deteriorate thanks to a breakdown of muscle tissue and the molecules that hold it all together. Despite having a solid workout routine, men and women experience muscle loss steadily as they enter their 30s.

Keeping up the strength and flexibility of your 20s can be done by focusing on adding lean muscle to the body over time. Eating diet full of lean proteins is beneficial, as is gearing workouts toward strengthening core muscles instead of or in supplement to the arms and legs. If weight lifting is part of the exercise routine, it is important to focus on form and low-impact to save yourself from injuries.

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Varicose Veins

Unsightly, bulging masses in the legs, known as varicose veins, are more common than you might think for those entering their 30s. varicose veins are the product of weakened vein walls which allow for blood to pool just beneath the skin. This common health condition may only plague your appearance at the onset, but without prevention and treatment, could lead to ongoing pain.

Treatment of varicose veins depends on the severity of the condition, with most individuals able to calm both the appearance and discomfort with at-home remedies. Compression stockings, reduced pressure, and rest are all recommended for both prevention and treatment for small occurrences of varicose veins. However, medical intervention which may include non-invasive treatment could be on the horizon if varicose veins are left unattended for a prolonged period.

Dull Smile

Pearly whites may be a thing of the past as your 30s approach. Decades of food, beverages, and bad habits like smoking all add up to a less than bright smile. It is also common to experience gum disease and tooth decay as you age because less saliva is produced over time.

At-home and professional teeth-whitening are easily available if you notice your smile is not nearly as bright as it used to be. More importantly, scheduling regular dentist visits is a necessary step to maintain healthy, attractive teeth and gums well beyond your 20s.

Turning the big 3-0 should be a time to celebrate past successes and work toward future achievements, but unexpected health issues can quickly rain on your parade. Taking the necessary actions to prevent common physical changes and focusing on early correction are the best steps you can take to ensure your roaring 20s transition easily into your 30s.

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