Five Ways To Stay Beautiful And Classy During Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes hormonal changes in the body and a considerable or complete alteration of looks. Pregnancy is usually associated with a certain “glow”, or in some other cases, “dullness or paleness”. These come as comments from observers who attest to the change in looks of the pregnant woman when she is expecting.

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It is worthy of note that each pregnancy is different and there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about how one will look when pregnant. Some women glow when they are pregnant while some others look worn out or drained. Whatever the case, and no matter how tired or nauseated the pregnant woman may feel during this nine-month period, it’s in her hands to make the decision that the pregnancy will be a wonderful experience.

So, here are tips on how pregnant women can stay beautiful and pull off their pregnancy with ease and class:

  • Eat the right food

It is extremely important for pregnant women to eat right and eat healthy foods. This is because of the nutrient needs of the mother as well as the growing fetus for proper development. Radiating beauty as a pregnant woman requires that both external and internal organs and conditions be properly set. That’s the only way the skin will glow. If the internal organs are not functioning properly, it will definitely reflect on the outside.

Pregnancy brings with it the desire to continue to binge on something every now and then. With that, however, comes the tendency to continue to accumulate fat and gain weight. Pregnancy fat is not helpful for baby growth, so, pregnant women are to stay away from, as much as possible, junk food. Assuredly, the weight of the pregnant woman will increase because of the baby that’s growing inside of her. But she is advised to consult her doctor on the amount of weight gain that’s acceptable for her, based on her health and medical history.

  • Drink plenty of water

Water is extremely beneficial to pregnant women. Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy helps flush out the toxins that may be in the body. In addition, it helps maintain the right amount of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac so that the baby can be comfortable. It also dilutes the urine of the pregnant mother thereby reducing her risk of infection.

It is believed that drinking water helps pregnant women assuage morning sickness, indigestion, and heartburn. In the third trimester, drinking water prevents the onset of contractions that lead to preterm labor.

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  • Keep a healthy lifestyle

It is the case that pregnancy usually makes women lethargic and in need of help to do many things. Some women even take the nine-month period to get pampered and served because of the knowledge that things change as soon as the baby arrives.

However, the downside is that some pregnant women use the excuse of lethargy or pampering to opt for unhealthy lifestyles. The pregnancy period should be used to learn yoga and other pregnancy-related exercises so as to prepare the nerves in the body for labor and child delivery.

Besides exercising, getting enough rest and sleep helps overcome the inherent stress of hormonal changes and weight increases.

  • Dress glamorously

Pregnant women tend to look clumsy and disoriented and often use the pregnancy as the excuse to justify it. However, with the changing times, pregnancy is being approached and handled with class, especially by celebrities. Clothes that accentuate curves and feel comfortable are being made and worn to promote the glamour of pregnancy.

  • Apply the right makeup

Pregnant women are not exempted from the use of makeup. In fact, it’s perfect for them to use for concealing the blots on the face, and other dark circles or pale marks that may develop during pregnancy. Using the right makeup makes her look fresh and adds shine and charm to her face.

Manicures and pedicures are not left out too as they also play essential roles in enhancing the beauty of pregnant women. A note of caution is with regard to the kind of nail polish that should be used. It is very crucial that only a non-toxic nail polish for pregnant women be used to avoid health issues such as skin irritation, cancer, etc.

Besides cosmetics and makeup products, homemade beauty remedies such as Aloe Vera also enhance the beauty of pregnant women. Applying Aloe Vera on the skin helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells, keeping the skin fresh, while also preventing skin inflammation.

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