Five Types of Insects that can Injure the Eyeball


Humans have some very delicate organs that are prone to serious damage. The eye is one of them and very important because it not only provides a vision but is also a very delicate part of the human body and can easily be affected by many objects.

Many things can enter the eye and cause infection in the eyeball. Apart from dust mites and microorganisms, many insects can also enter the eye. We have made the list of insects that can easily enter the eye and cause damage to the eye.

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What are the common insects that can enter human eye?

There are many types of insects but among those, there are six insects related to this topic.

·       Walking Stick

·       Ant

·       Gant

·       Tree Cricket

·       Skin bug

·       Red lily leaf Beetle

Walking Stick

Walking Stick bug is also called a normal walking stick or north walking stick. It belongs to species of phasmid or stick insect present in North America. It is 75 mm in length for males and 90 mm in length for females. It can easily enter the human eye or eye of any other animal and cause an infection.


Ants are insects that belong to the family of Formicidae and along with wasps and bees belong to the order Hymenoptera. Ants produce an acid called formic acid and due to its small size it can easily enter the eye and could bite the eye releasing formic acid which can cause infection or even serious damage to the eye.


Gants are insects that belong to the family of Anisopodidae, Mycetophilidae, and Sciaridae. They are of two kinds biting and non-biting. Are you wondering can do? A tiny gnat with spongy mouthparts can enter your eye and cause a reddish inflammatory response.

Tree Cricket

The Tree Cricket belongs to the order Orthoptera and these crickets also belong to subfamily oecanthinae of family Gryllidae. The subfamily has seven genera. Tree cricket lives in trees and suburbs. They are nocturnal and found on every continent except Antarctica. These insects have two pairs of wing located close to the head. They cannot completely enter the eye but they hit the eyes while flying and can cause damage to eyes.              
Skin Bug (Heteroptera)
Skin bugs are the insects that belong to the family of Heteroptera. It is a type of insect that can easily enter the human body especially in delicate parts and lay their eggs and cause very serious damage to the human body. For example, they can easily enter the human eye and lay their eggs there and cause serious illness
Red lily leaf Beetle

The Red lily leaf Beetle is also called scarlet lily beetle or leaf beetle because it is a type of insect that eats leaves. They are very small in size it can easily invade the human eye and cause serious damage.


There are many insects that are able to cause harm to the human eye. In order to avoid any damage to the eye, remember to close doors when going inside and when going outside wear sunglasses. Apart from these protections use some sort of repellents to keep them away.

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