Five Reasons to Use a Meal Prep Service

meal prep service

Meal prep services have been around for years, especially for those looking to lose weight. Within the past few years, however, the number of these services has skyrocketed, offering services to bodybuilders, families, and even pets.

If you’ve been contemplating using a meal service but have a hard time justifying it, you’re not alone.

Here are five reasons to use a meal prep service to get you past the doubt and uncertainty:


While some meal services are undoubtedly more affordable than others, there’s an option available for everyone, even those with a limited budget. Furthermore, plenty of meal preparation services offer discounts and coupons, either directly through their site or via .

When considering affordability, it’s important to think beyond your typical grocery bill. If you’re someone who eats out often because you don’t have food prepared at home, you will likely save money by using meal preparation service. Also, consider your food waste. How many times have you purchased food with the intention of preparing a nice meal, only to scrape it into the trash?

Opportunity Cost

In addition to affordability, you need to consider the opportunity cost of cooking. Having a full-time spouse at home to manage the household is no longer the norm. In many families, both parents work long hours, leaving limited time for grocery shopping and meal preparation when facing chores and extracurricular activities.

Think about how long it takes to plan and prepare meals and what could be accomplished instead. Of course, this justification only works if you’re using the time to do something worthwhile.

Helps with Portion Control

For those trying to manage their portions, a meal prep service can help with consistency while eliminating the need to measure and weigh your food. Many meal services are built around portion needs, particularly in the weight loss market.

When using a family meal service plan, meal services often outline how many servings are in each meal, allowing for busy parents to dole out the proper amount to their children without having an abundance of leftovers that becomes a tempting second serving.

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Limited Cooking Skills

For those who want to eat better but have limited kitchen skills, a meal prep service can help create a more diversified culinary experience without extra time or effort. This helps many people stay consistent with their eating plan, as the traditional staple of chicken, rice, and broccoli becomes boring in a hurry.

Some meal prep services send the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for preparing the meals, which helps develop basic cooking skills without becoming too stressful or overwhelming. In doing so, aspiring chefs can learn to cook new dishes that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to throw together.

Less Stress

While portion control and a diversified diet are the obvious health benefits of using a meal prep service, there’s one indirect health impact that can have huge benefits: less stress. Using meal prep or delivery service gives busy customers one less thing to worry about. In many cases, this is what justifies the expense of the service, even if it costs a bit more than handling everything at home.

Less stress makes it easier to reach weight loss (or muscle gain) goals and improves morale in the household making dinner time a happy time for all.

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Getting Started

There’s a meal prep service for everyone. Start by thinking about your goal. Are you looking for individual meals to help you lose weight? Or are you trying to find a way to make family mealtimes easier? Do some deal shopping to try out the various options and see which one satisfies your schedule and your hunger.


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