Five Reasons to Convince You that Exercise Bikes are the Best for a Workout

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Do you want a lean and robust lower body? Do you want super-toned legs with strong quadriceps and glutes? Do you want to wear tights confidently, irrespective of the weather and your diet?

Many naysayers will tell you that you cannot become physically fit and toned without hitting the gym five days a week, but there is hardly any truth in that.

You can get your fair chance at toning your lower body with full-intensity exercises even when you are too lazy to hit the gym. All you need is a reliable exercise bike to help you pedal away all the extra fat, one tire at time.

Why should you think about getting an exercise bike?

Have you noticed that almost every gym has at least one exercise bike? Irrespective of how high-profile or budget-friendly the place is, there will always be at least one exercise bike on the premises.

It is similar to a stationary cycle that has peddles, handlebars, and a saddle. The latest ones come with a monitor and LED display to help the user keep track of their heartbeat, BMI, and exercise intensity.

The state of the art exercise bikes are programmable, and it has adjustable settings for resistance. All exercise bikes have equal benefits, so it might be difficult to pick one among the hundreds that are now ruling the fitness market. One option is to go to your local fitness centers and try the models available there. However, one gym or spinning class usually has limited variants.

Here, hiring one or multiple options for home run makes complete sense. You should check out the models of Exercise Bike from Hire Fitness before you make your decision.

Here are some of the fantastic benefits of exercising on bikes –

It is a great cardio option

You cannot stick to running every time you have a cardio day. Running is excellent for your body and metabolism, but it can get boring, especially if you are taking the same route every day or using the same treadmill settings for weeks. The exercising cycles bring a significant variation in the life of cardio enthusiasts, who are longing for a change.

Sometimes, you need to change the pace and intensity of your workout to jostle your metabolism and trigger the fat-burning mechanism. Exercising bikes are useful in training your heart and strengthening your respiratory system without exerting it over the standard limit.

Weight loss is possible with exercise bikes

With all the cardio advantages, it is a given that weight loss is entirely possible with cardio workouts. A good spell of aerobic workout can boost the calorie burning metabolism and burn the extra fat your body has been accumulating throughout the past holiday seasons, winter parties, and summer barbeques.

Research shows that a 140-pound woman can burn about 450-500 calories per hour of cycling, depending upon the resistance and other settings of the bike. In fact, if you want to use up the extra calories you consume daily, you need to get on that bike and keep peddling for at least 20 minutes.

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That should keep the belly fat, and thigh fat at bay, while strengthening your glutes and quads.

Strength training

One of the most significant pros of strength training is that it exercises almost all the muscles of your lower body. Most gym training equipment targets the upper body, hands, and legs individually. Exercising bike is the only of its kind that offers a complete lower-body workout with varying intensity.

You can increase or decrease the resistance of the pedals to adjust the force your legs exert on them. It can burn fat and exert your leg muscles at the same time. Exercising bikes provide isotonic exercises to the body. Therefore, you will also gain a strong core by dedicating time to this “magic” bike for about 20 minutes per day.

Minimal risk of injury

Have you ever stepped inside a spin class? The most amazing feature of exercising on bikes is their ability to reduce the risk of injury. Low-risk exercises are what the youth and seniors of the 21st century need right now.

Full-on cardio can exert excessive force on the legs and ankles. Users of all ages can benefit from low-intensity, low-risk, and low-impact workouts on exercise cycles. Since the resistance is entirely customizable, you can always find out which settings or programs are the best for your heart rate and endurance.

Cycling reduces the impact on all joints of the lower body. Research shows that exercise bikes strengthen all joints instead of hurting them.

Easy to use and convenient

Cycling might sound too monotonous, but exercise bikes kick the cycling game notch. Usually, premium spin classes and fitness studios classify cycles into three groups – beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Beginners need to consult with fitness experts and watch several videos to find out the correct ways to use their exercise bikes. However, intermediate and advanced-level users already have a solid idea about using these bikes for improving their physical fitness. Stationary bikes at home are great for the pro-users.

They can always multitask while exercising. Have you missed the latest airing of the Game of Thrones episode? Don’t worry; you can catch up on it while finishing your workout on your stationary bike. You can read, brush, or even knit while you are on that amazing cycle, losing weight and building lean muscle in your lower body!

The exercise bike is a miracle gym equipment that every fitness lover must have at home. Well, the advanced ones with digital screens, wireless monitors, and various resistance/intensity settings can be expensive, but you do not need to worry about the prices.

You can always avail of the hiring service for gym equipment while setting up your mini-gym at home. You might already have treadmills and elliptical cross trainers, but you are missing out on all the fun if you do not have an exercise bike yet.

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