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    How to Find Good Dental Professionals When You Move House

     Of all the tedious aspects of moving homes, one is definitely trying to find new dental professionals for you and your children to start seeing. Many will say they’re not taking new patients at this time, and others won’t seem up to standard. Sure, you could look at sites like Angie’s List or take recommendations from your neighbors, but how much can you really trust them?

    The best way is to try the one that will take you on and see what their service is like. From there, you can move on if you don’t like the practice. Don’t put off dental appointments until you find the ‘perfect’ clinic – it may not exist.

    In the meantime, check out our guide to locating the best dentists and orthodontists in your new hometown.

    Look for a Dentist with Connections to the Area

    This may sound obvious, but it’s best to find a dentist that is centrally located to where you are moving. This makes it much easier to go in for a visit when one is needed as is especially important in case of emergencies.

    It is also important to consider a dentist that has been . This means that not only are they integrated with the community and have built up trust, but that they are good enough to have stuck around for years treating the locals. This can be very important when facing a big procedure: you want to know you’re in good hands. Word travels fast, especially in small towns, so you’ll soon know which health professionals are any good.

    Insurance and Payment Options

    Say there is a dentist that comes highly recommended by family members that you would like to see, but isn’t in your insurance plan. Make a point of contacting the dentist and ask them if they will submit claims to any insurance provider. Many provide this service, but it is always worth asking about this before getting stuck at the dentist. If they don’t you can eliminate them from your list.

    If you aren’t insured, you will want to find out if the dentist offers any sort of financing options like Springstone or Credit Care. With so many practices requiring payment up front, finding a dentist that is willing to work with you is a huge plus in getting your family’s dental needs fulfilled.

    Treatment of Patients

    It is a fairly common practice for dentists to offer new patients a discounted initial exam and cleaning in the hopes of getting their return business.

    It is also fairly common for dental practices to hold regular monthly draws to show their appreciation for their regular customers. These can take the form of referral incentives or monthly drawings for a discounted visit the next time the patient comes in.

    Treatment Plans and Upfront Costs

    When you discuss the treatment that the various members of your family might need, it is important to have some sense of what the plans will cost in detail. This means you know how much time it will take, and the cost that will be involved.

    If the staff won’t give you direct answers to your questions, it might be better to look somewhere else. If they evade explaining costs upfront it’s probably so that they can charge you unexpected fees down the line.

    Licenses and Accreditations

    At the very least, your new dentist should at the minimum belong to the national and state dental organizations. This is a good sign that the dentist has kept up to date on the latest in procedures and best practices.


    Picking a new dentist can be a difficult task after you have moved. Not only will you want a dentist you can trust to work on your family, but you will want one that is good. Following the above rule can greatly help with finding the ideal dentist in your new town.


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