List of Female Celebrities Popular Hairstyles, You Must Adopt in 2019

A perfect hairstyle is something that makes your personality attractive and enhances beauty.

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Our celebrities are giving us hairstyle goals Let us see some celebrities with best hairstyles:

  • Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy:-

If we talk about Indian celebrities hairstyle the hot in town is Yami Gautam’s new haircut in the movie URI. This short hair cut gives a bold and attractive look.

  • Avril Lagne’s tricolor hairstyle

Avril Lavigne - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy:-

A very bold and beautiful hair style will give you and edgy look. It includes light color for major part and usng some hot and prominent colour in highlights. You can use extensions if the hairs are not long enough.

  • Katrina Kaif’s long curls

Katrina Kaif - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

Katrina kaif is always top favourite among Indian celebrity hairstyles. Her new long hairs look with dense curls is mesmerizing .

  • Scarlett Johansson new pixie in brown

Scarlett Johansson - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

Scarlett Johansson’s short hair look is one of best celebrity haircut 2019. At infinity war’s premiere she was seen in pixie haircut in brown giving a bold ,no nonsense look.

  • Deepika Padukone’s messy bun

Deepika Padukone - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

Deepika Padukone looks fabulous in a messy bun and is always choice among Indian celebrity hairstyles. This look can go for a casual as well as party look.

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s new half red hairs look

Aishwarya rai - Celebrity Hairstyle

This diva has never stopped inspiring us. She is in her new look of half red hairs which is sensuous, bold and attractive

  • Manushi Chillar’s layered hair with bun

Manushi Chillar- Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :

A hairstyle that gives a slight retro look but goes on well with Indian as well as western party outfit.

  • Messy long hair of Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra- Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy:

Messy long hair look of Carmen Electra can give you a bold and carefree look. It can be best for outings and casual look.

  • Sara Ali Khan’s long hairstyle

Sara Ali Khan - Celebrity Hairstyle

She is not just famous for talent but also for her charming style. If you have long straight hairs and wish to keep it simple yet attractive look for the day you can follow the style.

  • Beachy waves by Carry underwood

Carrie Underwood - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

  • Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

Late singer and youtuber Christina had a beautiful hairstyle that looked gorgeous and carefree. You can also keep this sharp lazor cut and try different hair colours according to your complexion.

  • Taylor Swift’s loose buns

Taylor Swift - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy:-

One of the celebrity with the best hair is Taylor swift. Her all time favourite hairstyle is a loose bun with hairs on her forehead and loose strands across the neck.

  • Kriti Sanon style for long hairs

Kriti Sanon - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

If you are the one blessed with long straight hairs then a perfect Indian celebrity hairstyle look would be of Kriti Sannon. Her long straight hairs ending with a wave looks beautiful on an Indian face.

  • Catriona Grey

Catriona Grey - Celebrity Hairstyle


The beautiful Miss Universe 2018 looked stunning in her final round . She has kept her hair weight towards one side and uses an accessory at the hair.

  • Alia Bhatt’s braided hairstyle

Alia Bhatt - Celebrity Hairstyle

Image courtesy

One of the simple yet beautiful Indian celebrity hairstyle would the braided one of Alia Bhatt. Here small braids are made across the head that gives a perfect look with both Indian and western dresses.

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List of Female Celebrities Popular Hairstyles, You Must Adopt in 2019 2
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List of Female Celebrities Popular Hairstyles, You Must Adopt in 2019 3
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