Female Bodybuilders Raises Beauty Game in Thailand

Female Bodybuilding Thailand

Female Bodybuilders raises their beauty game in Thailand

Gone are those days when the fair skinned and perfect petite figure was considered as the ultimate beauty symbol. At Bangkok, female bodybuilding competition was being held and you would be amazed to see hundreds of ladies dressed up in their shining bikini dresses were spread all over the stage.

Female Bodybuilders raises their beauty game in Thailand

Now, shedding your clothes and wearing a bikini is no more considered a taboo, if you are doing it for the right reasons. And women also feel a lot more comfortable in doing the same in front of thousands of men craving for attention.

Nittaya Kongthun, 26-year-old female bodybuilder bags first prize in the “Model Physique division”. And she is competing against a dozen other Thai women in the same category.

Female Bodybuilders raises their beauty game in Thailand

Her bulging muscles in her bronze body paint is truly adorable and far from the regular beauty standards all over the world.

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Nittaya says

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“Today, sporty trends are in,”. She further added that she was drawn towards these sports in order to raise her fitness level. She says she wanted to be “like a Barbie doll but with more muscles.”

She further adds

“By doing this sport we can have a beautiful body and be healthy,”

Female Bodybuilders raises their beauty game in Thailand

This trend is quickly catching up in Thailand. The place now has 500 men and women who are professionally competing under the huge banner of bodybuilding. One of the veterans in this field said

“That number has increased by the hundreds from ten years ago,”


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