Famous Bollywood Actors With Good Physique

Famous Bollywood Actors With Good Physique 11

If we ever start preparing a Bollywood actors body size list then we will find that there are so many of them who have a really great physique that is obviously witnessable on screen as well. There are numerous celebrities who have worked for several hours in a gym to ensure that they turn out to be an inspiration in terms of bodybuilding. All of us have seen Bollywood actors body transformation over years and so we have prepared the latest list considering all the factors of good physique.

As you’ll scroll down this post we will be highlighting the best body of Bollywood actors 2018:

1. Hrithik Roshan

If we are talking about good body then the first name that always strikes our minds is Hrithik Roshan. Since his debut film, he has always maintained his physique.

2. Salman Khan

Sallu is someone whose body has always been impressive and leaves the jaws of all the women to drop down. Women, do you agree as well?

3. John Abraham

Whether its the looks, physique, personality, strength or any other factor, John has always been perfect and has never skipped his gym workouts. This is the reason why he has such a great physique.

4. Ranveer Singh

How can we ever miss his name whenever we talk about Bollywood actors with great bodies. A very recent Bollywood groom, Ranveer Singh’s body is flawless.

5. Aamir Khan

The above photo of Aamir Khan was clicked during his shoot for Ghajini. This is very close up picture and it is quite witnessable that his body is perfect.

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6. Sonu Sood

He might be an actor who is given a little less limelight but his body has always been a topic of discussion in the Bollywood industry. He is an inspiration to all the aspiring bodybuilders.

7. Shahrukh Khan

All of us must have seen several scenes in Shahrukh’s films in which he has showcased his bodies in different ways. All the macho scenes just enhanced the popularity of his films and the major credit goes to his dynamic body.

8. Tiger Shroff

The above picture was taken during his shooting and the water droplets on his body just make it one of the best pictures of Tiger Shroff revealing his physique.

9. Arjun Rampal

Arjun is one of the most dashing personalities of Bollywood. Whether it is his acting or physique, he has always been the best.

10. Akshay Kumar

Last, but not the least, in this list, is Akshay Kumar. His poses and body language enhances when he portrays his physique on screen.

Who is your favourite Bollywood actor with good physique? Please comment your choice below.

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