Exciting Things to Do with Your Kids This Fall

Exciting Things to Do with Your Kids This Fall

With the fall season upon us, you might be wistfully remembering your summer memories and how you wished you’d spent more time outdoors or on holiday. All is not lost, the autumn may be colder, but it has plenty of exciting activities and adventure to offer you and your family.

Scavenger Hunt

There is so much more flora and organic material around in the autumn from acorns to conkers, colorful leaves, and seed pods left over by summer blooms. Make a scavenger hunt booklet for your kids to slip in their pockets with a checklist of things to find and/or collect. Items that are collected can be used to create a fall collage art piece or instead of collecting bits, head out on a scavenger hunt together and take some beautiful pictures of the things you find.

Decorating Gourds

Pumpkin or gourd carving isn’t just for Halloween and is a fun activity to do together in the fall. Get your child to draw their favorite character or design onto paper, cut it out and trace this onto the pumpkin, the kids can then handle the messy scooping, leaving the carving to the adults. Alternatively, if pumpkin carving is too messy for your home, get some chunky marker pens and dress up your pumpkin with colorful drawings and patterns!

Nature Holiday

While our natural surroundings are alive with gorgeous colors of reds, yellows, browns, and oranges, why not take your family off on a short nature break? There are plenty of warm options for staying out in the countryside, like cabins, park homes, chalets, and caravans that offer excellent holidays on a budget without costing the same as long-haul air travel. While staying in a countryside hotel is always an option, hotel stays can be more expensive for the equivalent level of comfort and don’t offer as much space, they also don’t connect you to nature like a caravan or log cabin does.

Tackle a Corn Maze

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Corn mazes are available in lots of places and are a fantastic way to spend the day. If your kids are old enough, split off in a parent vs. children race to the center or split into Team Dad and Team Mum – the last one there buys the dinner!

Apple Picking

Apple picking can be a fun activity as a family, finding the best apples on the tree and filling your box with some tasty treats to make some delicious pastries and desserts. Why not try some recipes for apple butter, apple pancakes, apple cinnamon overnight oats, or a spiced apple pie? Tasty, feel-good fall goodies!

Haunted Ghost Walk

Not one for the little ones but a great opportunity for pre-teens and teens interested in spooky history to learn a bit more about a local area of interest. Haunted ghost walks aren’t as intense as a haunted hayride or haunted house, where you are likely to encounter jump scares and scary actors, but they can send a shiver down your spine as you learn about true historical events and the echoes in time they have left behind.

Puddle Jumping

A perfect activity for the younger kids, wrap up in your waterproofs grab some wellie boots and have tons of fun splishing and splashing through puddles of all sizes. Who can make the biggest splash? How far does the water go? Can you make a splash as tall as you? Make sure all electronics are well wrapped up and have a few towels ready to go when you get in.

If the weather turns too quickly and you get stuck inside, you can always make an afternoon or evening fun by building a fort from sheets to tell stories in or cuddling up on the sofa with a big blanket, hot chocolate, and a family favorite movie!

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