Everyday Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures]

Everyday Makeup Tutorial- Step By Step [With Pictures] 6

If we ever try to separate makeup and women, it’ll be the most difficult task as everyone in this world must be aware of the fact that women just cannot live without two things- shopping and makeup. Whether it is a dress or a simple makeup item, they always ensure it is the best. They especially cannot risk their makeup and so they prefer buying makeup of good quality. Now, the discussion over here is not about what they use as makeup, as I have already published a post on List Of Makeup Essentials If Your Age Group Is 21 To 25.

In this post, we will portray a step by step everyday makeup tutorial for beginners:

Scrub Massage

A scrub is a makeup essential that people usually avoid using due to fake rumours about its chemical effects on skin quality but let me tell you that this isn’t true if you are using a good quality scrub. Just take a little amount in your fingers and massage it in a circular direction so that all the pores just open up and the dirt is expelled out.

Puffing With Face Powder

This is the most essential part of everyday makeup tutorial for Indian skin. Face powder shouldn’t be used in an excessive amount as it might just destroy the real skin tone and let me tell you that natural skin colour is always the best. It should be just puffed in a little amount to hide dark circles or any other skin imperfections.

Thin Kajal Layer

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Since this is simple makeup tutorial for everyday you have to remember that the layer of kajal that you are applying should be thin. There are two reasons behind this- it will not make people feel that you are too obsessed with makeup and it will, of course, give you a sober yet classy appearance.

Thin Liner Layer Magic

Like kajal, the eyeliner layer must be thin. Thick lines look good only on special occasions when you have to do heavy makeup but the thin liner is better if you are up for makeup every day.

Lip Care

This is the last thing you have to do in the makeup and you have to ensure that you only use either lip balm or lipgloss in this case. If you have to do makeup everyday then you should use these two as these will improve the glossiness of your lips. Avoid lipsticks for everyday makeup.

Did you find this post helpful? Try out the above makeup guide and share your personal experiences below in the comment section.

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