EatSmart GetFit – Digital Body Fat Scale Review

EatSmart GetFit is a highly accurate device that provides five body measurements which are crucial for obtaining fitness goal. It can store fitness data for up to eight users that makes it a great device to bring in home.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a machine that could provide additional information besides your body weight? If you want such a product, then EatSmart GetFit is the device to go for. It is the device that would help you achieve your fitness goals without costing a huge sum of money. This digital body fat scale is designed to meet your specific fitness needs efficiently. All you need is to set your stats and step onto the scale to view the results. You would not find any device that is easier than that.



EatSmart GetFit
EatSmart GetFit


The device is quite versatile with measuring ability of 400 pounds and 0.2 pound accuracy. The overall versatility of the device makes it highly popular among users. It offers all the features at a price that is comparatively lower than others. This all-in-one device is low profile and high in quality with modern features that help you meet your fitness goals with much ease while maintaining higher efficiency.

It is recommended not to place your EatSmart GetFit in the bathroom because moisture can affect the accuracy of the device and so desired results may not be achieved. Also, it is not so good to use this machine after wearing shoes for longer due to accuracy reasons. Moreover, in most of the cases it provides quality and accurate data that is good for your fitness goals. If you prefer to work in your home gym and wish to have something that would help you track results, then this is the device all you need. You can purchase it to not regret your decision.

Important features of EatSmart GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale:



  • Impressive measuring functions for body water, body fat muscle mass, and bone mass in percentage
  • Works with “Step-On” Technology to help you provide instant reading without any need to turn the machine on
  • Wide 3.5″ blue LCD display with back light to provide clear reading
  • Designed with Automatic User Identification Technology that allows storing data for up to 8 users
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries with auto power-off;
  • 100% user satisfaction guaranteed

It is a device with sleek modern design with good reading and tracking progress that you can keep in your bathroom to ensure complete health of your family.

Things you may not like:

Although it is a good device for the whole family, but some users find that it doesn’t perform well when it comes to calculating body composition for young children.

Final words:

EatSmart GetFit is a fine scale that users praise for accuracy. The device offers highly accurate body composition measurements in all four metrics like bat, weight, body and bone mass. It also provides body water composition. It is affordable and offers more features than other devices of the same price. Providing measurements of up to eight users, it is extremely smart device for which satisfactory customer services are offered.

This is all about the device what other users feel, but do you also share the same thoughts? Share what you feel.

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