Eating Fruits for Weight Loss: Are You at Risk of Diabetes?

fruits for weight loss

Eating fruits is good for you in general and highly beneficial for weight loss in particular. However, it can also be not so good because of the high content of sugar in them. The type of sugar might be different from the white crystals that you put in tea. However, it’s bad for you all the same when eaten in excess.

So, if you want your weight loss diet to be healthy, you have to plan it carefully and avoid following fads that will have you eat little more than a few servings of fruit a day.

Diabetes Epidemic and Fruits: Is There a Connection?

There is some connection between the current epidemic of diabetes and your diet because it’s a major risk factor in this metabolic disorder. However, the direct connection between diabetes and fruits is so tenuous, that you can ignore it altogether. That’s because there are many other, more important, dietary factors that increase the risk of diabetes. Objectively, very few people develop this condition because they overeat fruits.

Eating sweets, on the other hand, does put you in danger. And some of them are masquerading as fruits today. Candy sales are rising steadily and will continue to rise, according to the Grand View Research market report.

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World Health Organization states that the number of people with this disease went from 108 million to over 422 million within the last three decades. And there can be no doubt that this fact and the dynamic of the candy market are connected.

Fruits, on the other hand, are completely safe if you eat them fresh and within limits. Therefore, your weight loss diet should go ‘unsweetened’, you simply need to make it ‘candy-free’.

How to Eat Fruits for Weight Loss and Avoid Diabetes

Substituting sugar with fruits is one of the most common healthy weight loss tips. Doing this does not only boost your diet but makes you healthier as well because refined sugars are very dangerous. If you look up what can I eat to lose weight online, you’ll definitely see fruits included in the list. However, you will also see a menu that outlines exactly how much fruit you should eat a day and how it should be served. Obeying these guidelines is what makes a difference between fruits being good or bad for you.

A healthy and well-balanced weight loss diet guidelines for fruit consumption:

  • Adults should consume two cups of fruit daily. Check out the table of fruit serving sizes from Food Network to see how much fruit actually goes into one cup.
  • The fruit you eat should be fresh or frozen. Dried fruits have a different calorie and sugar ratio because they don’t contain water, which makes up most of the fresh fruit’s mass. This means you can’t measure them using the same serving standards.

    For example, a cup of fresh grapes has a little over 100 calories. However, a cup of raisins will contain over 400. If you plan to use dried fruit to meet your daily quota of two cups, you’ll need to count your calories very carefully.
  • Eat dried fruit, not candy.  Dried fruits contain more sugar for the same reason why they contain more calories. However, some types of them are coated in syrup. Those are equally bad for your weight loss plan and diabetes risk. Such products are equal to candy, and sometimes have even more sugar in them. Therefore, you should only use dried fruits free of syrup or any other additives.

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