How to Eat Vegetarian Protein Whole Day in Cheap Price | Tips from Dr. Paramjeet Singh

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There is so much talk about how much protein is required for good bodybuilding and what all sources we have. Do we have protein rich food veg in India or we need to go for fancy superfoods from the west and expensive supplements.

The answer is yes. There are numerous high protein vegetarian recipes available in India and we need not look for expensive fancy stuff outside.

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The surprising thing is that when it comes to the protein we underestimate the nutritious things available in our kitchen. So the key is to make a combination of food from our kitchen in such a way that we get the required amount of protein.

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How to choose the right Vegetable Protein in cheap prices

The most important thing here is to check the protein to carb ratio of the food item. If the ratio is 1:2 or more then you will gain weight by eating more of such food. So if you have to design a high protein vegetarian diet plan then we need to check the protein to carb ratio of the food item used.

Let us take an example of a potato which is extensively used in many Indian recipes. A 100 g of potato has 1to 2 g of proteins, 14 to 20 g of carbs and less than 1 g of fats.

So one can include potatoes in high protein vegetarian recipes but the quantity should be less as protein to carb ratio is around 1/10.

You can have milk and green leafy vegetables in your high protein vegetarian recipes.

What increases your weight?

There are chances that you take certain food item for protein and it leads to weight gain so the key is to check protein to carb ratio of each food. If we take rice. The protein to carb ratio is very less. That is why it is recommended to reduce the intake of rice in your high protein vegetarian recipe.

If we compare milk and rice a kg of milk has 35 g of proteins and 50 g of carbs while as a kg of rice has 380 g of carbs and 40 g of proteins.

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An ideal meal should have 30g to 100g of carbs and at least 30 g of proteins which can go till 60 g. To complete the daily nutrition requirements it is recommended to take 4 to 6 meals.

Similarly, we can check the protein to carb ratio of wheat flour, corn flour, and Bajra, its usually around 1/6.

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One of the important sources of protein in our kitchen and our high protein vegetarian recipe are legumes. A 100g of dal or legumes has 18g to 23g of proteins and 45g to 55g of carbohydrates in it. The bigger beans have more carbs then the smaller ones.

Famous protein-rich food veg in India are soybeans. A 100 g of soya chunks will give you 50 g of proteins and 30 to 35 g of carbs hence a very good source of protein. It is a common belief that eating more soya beans can reduce testosterone production but researches say that it happens if you take more than a kg every day for months which no one will do.

One can also have tofu in their high protein vegetarian diet plan. Tofu has a good amount of protein and very less fat.

Hence it is easy to fulfill your protein requirements with cheap ingredients available in your kitchen. You need not to look for fancy and costly protein sources outside.

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