Early sleeping habits better for your health

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This proverb quoted by famous politician Benjamin Franklin is true in every sense. Science has also proved that the early risers have better health and memory than late risers and when you have been energetic and focused on your goal then nothing can stop you from being successful means ultimately you will become wealthy.

But the same science also suggests that a person should take at least 8 hours of sleep to remain in better health. It means that in order to wake up early, you have to sleep early. We have already aware about the early rising benefits but just take a look at the early sleeping habits and you will find out how these two habits complement each other.

Early sleeping habits for your health


Weight loss

If you are thinking that how an early sleeping help in weight loss then the answer is that an early sleep will prevent you to munch on the late night snacks which you generally gorge on during your night job. This commonly happens that if you eat at late night then you are more likely to skip the breakfast in the morning. This will reduce your daytime energy and you will overeat during lunch.

Better sleep

Studies have shown that if you wake up late night then you are more likely to suffer from insomnia means you will feel that it is hard to fall asleep and if by chance you fell asleep then also you will not get enough sleep. An early sleeping habit can correct your biological clock or circadian rhythm and you can get better sleep.

Better Sleep

Healthy heart

A research study at Misao Health Clinic in Gifu, Japan has suggested that arterial stiffening is found more in people who went to bed after midnight as compared to people with early sleeping habits. It should be noted that arterial stiffening is an early sign of heart disease. Therefore, an early sleeping can improve your heart health and reduce the risks associated with it.

Healthy Heart

Reduce drinking amount

Early sleeping habit can make you drink less which is very good for your health. If you think that alcohol can make you fall asleep then you should know that it does that by making you drowsy but when it is getting metabolized in the body then you will get less restful sleep.

Improve memory

You will be surprised to find out that our mind doesn’t sleep while we are sleeping. It continuously memorizes the important events, information and practices which we perform in daytime. This memorizing process is known as consolidation.

Improve Memory

Enhance creativity

Our brain doesn’t stop at consolidating memories but it also restructures and reorganizes the memories to give you more ideas about the concept and enhance your creative process. Researchers of Harvard and Boston University have found that the emotional component of mind gets strengthen during a sound sleep which helps in improving your creativity.

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Improve performance

Early sleeping can will let you sleep for more hours at least ten hours and this extra sleep can help in increasing your stamina and reduce your daytime fatigue. You will remain energetic and focused whole day which eventually improve your overall performance.


To get the benefits of early sleeping you have to retire for the night early but there are many factors which interfere in the process of falling sleep. Here are tips which will help you to improve your sleep.

Avoid caffeine

Avoid any drink which can keep you awake for hours such as coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and some pain killers. Smoking can also prevent early sleeping therefore you should not smoke around bedtime.

Sleep when tired

If you don’t fell asleep in 20 minutes then get out of bed and engage yourself in relaxing activities like walking, reading or listening music.

Sleep When tired

Have light dinner

Try to have an early dinner and avoid foods which can prevent you from sleeping such as heavy, rich, spicy and acidic food. These foods can cause heartburn, acidity or indigestion in the body which can make you restless for the whole night.

Sleeping environment

Maintain a dark, cool and quiet atmosphere in your bedroom to induce early sleeping. If you can’t avoid the unwanted noises such as barking of street dogs, traffic noise and other household noises then you can use ear plugs or use recordings of soothing sounds. Right temperature also helps in early sleeping therefore ventilate your bedroom adequately. Besides these things, use a comfortable mattress to sleep on and use pillows to support your neck.

Sleeping environment

Stay away from screen

Light can suppress the production of melatonin, hormone responsible for falling asleep. Therefore, stay away from television, mobile, laptop or any other screen emitting light before two hours from bedtime.

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