Can You Drink Alcohol After Weight Loss Surgery?

Can You Drink Alcohol After Weight Loss Surgery?

Although it is OK to drink alcohol for the first 6 months after gastric sleeve, there is no problem provided that it is infrequent afterward. It is not recommended to drink alcohol not only during gastric tube surgery, but also after all obesity and metabolic surgery operations. In addition, since there are many more calories in alcohol per unit, unwanted weight gain may occur if it is taken frequently. For this reason, frequent alcohol intake is definitely not recommended after obesity and metabolic surgery operations in general. Alcohol intake after surgery can affect you in a different way, causing alcohol problems to increase or develop.

Although you have never had any alcohol problems before, or even consumed alcohol at all, you are at risk. Even after the initial recovery period, nausea and vomiting should be considered when drinking alcohol. Do not panic if alcohol causes nausea. If so, stop drinking and use anti-nausea drugs to prevent vomiting. It may include taking ginger, lying down, getting some fresh air, or taking prescription medications. If alcohol routinely causes nausea, it may be something you want to avoid completely.

Gastric sleeve surgery can improve your life unless you have already done so. The purpose of this weight loss program is to help reduce your weight by reducing the weight to just one-sixth of its original size. So it is a good idea to wonder if you will be able to drink more alcohol after surgery after years of surgery.

Many patients fear the changes in their lives and worry that one day they will be able to enjoy another life, eat, dine with their friends, and, in fact, drink alcohol. When comparing the pros and cons of gastric lavage, your health and longevity are important after a few meals associated with dietary and beverage changes. But do not be afraid! You can stop worrying because there are not many barriers after gastric sleeve surgery, but there are still a lot of tips and endings that can help you with your long-term results.

When I can drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?

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After gastric sleeve surgery, it is necessary not to consume beer and acidic carbonated drinks for life. We recommend that they consume drinks such as tequila, such as brandy, such as whiskey, which has a higher alcohol content, after the fifth month. The first 6 months after surgery should definitely not be consumed. And 6 months after the operation, we recommend wine because it is low in alcohol and contains iron.

Avoid alcohol for the first six months after gastric sleeve surgery. When you get the chance to start drinking again, avoid carbonated beverages and sugar mixers. Remember that after surgery even a small amount of alcohol can lead to poisoning and hypoglycemia. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, even after eating a small amount. Drink only at meal time or while eating to help reduce alcohol consumption. Be careful with the calorie content of the wine. If you find that you regularly drink to cope with emotions or stress, get help from your doctor.

Harms of alcohol after gastric sleeve

After gastric sleeve surgery, alcohol does not clear the liver as quickly as it should, which leads to low blood sugar levels, which can lead to headaches, decreased balance, confusion and bloating. Patients undergoing weight loss surgery should be aware that they may exceed the legal driving limit (0.05) after just one drink!

Therefore, it is wise to avoid all alcoholic beverages if you intend to drive, especially within the first six months after surgery after a ten-day ban. Too much food and weight to go down quickly. It may not accept carbonated beverages such as beer, cider, champagne after surgery to lose weight because the bubble can make reflux worse and cause pain. For the same reason, carbonated beverages are highly depressing. Alcohol is high in calories and alcohol can lead to weight gain or inability to achieve what is needed. One bottle of wine contains over 500 calories – that’s ten pieces of bread and five butter! Be realistic about drinking alcohol and be aware of increased stress when traveling with friends

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