WEIGHT LOSS INSPIRATION : DJ Khaled Losts 250 Pounds

DJ Khaled weight loss journey

WEIGHT LOSS INSPIRATION : DJ Khaled Losts 250 Pounds

In this article, we are going to discuss DJ Khaled weight loss journey. He is known to face time with Mark Wahlberg and then he will screenshot the same and then upload it on his Instagram. Do you know his Instagram account boasts of 15 million followers?

He strongly believes in the art of collaborating. And experts say that it is this art which has made him a known name in the music industry. He knows how to bring the smart and known names in his circle and then use it perfectly.

DJ Khaled is also known for his king size life. His hilarious jet ski adventures or his motivational catchphrases all of them are biggest crowd pullers.


But physically also DJ Khaled is a great crowd puller. WW, the new weight watchers entered into a partnership with Khaled at the end of 2017 and they also began to showcase his official journey on their website.

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Before the start of the program, Khaled weighed 293 pounds, but when the program started after 1 year he lost 43 pounds. He himself shared his lost weight on Insta post.

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Dj Khaled shared that the motivation source for his weight loss journey had been his family.

“I have to love myself to take care of the people that I love,” Khaled said. “It’s not a priority, it’s the only priority.”

He said that one of the most important keywords during his weight loss journey was “Moderation”. He drastically reduced his consumption of two of his weaknesses – white rice and bread.

He is also a huge sweet lover.

“I love pumpkin pie, I love sweet potato pie. Who doesn’t? But I touch that and it still pleases my taste buds,” he said. “I’m not gonna eat it seven days a week now. I might eat it once a week and it’s like a celebration.”

He said that he is also thankful to his personal chef Melissa Zuniga whose food glimpses we can see in his Instagram account.

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