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Digital Pocket Pedometer – Omron HJ-112 Review

Digital Pedometer

Digital Pedometer

An impressive thing about Digital Pocket PedometerOmron HJ-112 is that it is versatile in nature. It is provided with a clip to be used with the belt to help users who personally do not feel like keeping it hooked to their hips all day along. A lot of people do not find it easy to have a pedometer on their waist. So they can use this Omron product that gives accurate data irrespective of it is kept in the pocket or hooked on the belt.

You can slip it into your pocket without anyone noticing it to have an accurate reading of how much you actually walk. As you don’t have to worry about it accompanying you, it becomes easier to carry it wherever you go. This device is highly sensitive and gives highly accurate data.

Digital Pocket Pedometer –

Digital Pocket Pedometer

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Omron HJ-112 is provided with yet another impressive feature. It can track the intensity of your steps. If you take normal steps, then it is recorded with daily readings; but if you run or do intense walking, it records it under brisk steps. This feature allows you to differentiate between daily movements coming from regular walking or dedicated fitness running.

Keep this device with you and it will also allow you to record and compare data of seven days. It automatically resets at the mid night and hence you need not to set your pedometer for the next day of activity. As you can compare the data, you can set higher numbers to work even harder.

The easy to read display has got four controls:

Important features of Digital Pocket Pedometer:

Points of concern:

Some users report that the clip comes off easily so a safety band has to be used to keep it hooked safely at the place. It is not waterproof, which users expect it to be. The pedometer can track in miles and pounds only, not kilogram or kilometers. The pedometer requires resetting each time the battery is changed.

Final words:

For the price and features, Digital Pocket Pedometer – Omron HJ-112 is irresistible to buy. It is one of the best products considered by users who give it an average rating of 9.3 on the scale of 10. This is a little pedometer that can be taken along anywhere without feeling its weight. It is an excellent pedometer, overall.

Do you also feel the same about this pocket pedometer by Omron?

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