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    Diet and Sleep Quality: Is There a Correlation?

    As delightful as midnight feasts usually are, like everything else, they too have side effects. Eating fast food and unhealthy meals just before bed can significantly affect sleep quality, shows a study. Food and nutrition are not the only factors that affect how well you sleep. Your sleep might be affected by the amount of time you spend looking at a screen or even the amount of time you spend in the sun. Sleeping early and waking up early is also an excellent way to attain a high-quality slumber, especially for growing children.

    Also, if your child is experiencing difficulty getting quality sleep, with the commendation of a dietician, check out melatonin enriched supplements. You might get a prescription for one of the most renowned brands such as Olly Kids Sleep, Tired Teddies Invisimix, , and Vicks Pure Zzzs melatonin liquid.

    Foods Affecting Sleep Quality

    Here are some quality. 

    How is fiber related to sleep?

    Based on research, intake of less fiber results in less restorative sleep with frequent awakenings throughout the night. However, increased or over intake of saturated fats and sugar in one’s diet highly affects sleep quality. The participants of this study ate limited fiber and consumed more saturated fats and sugars. The data showed how much their sleep quality had been affected.

    Is caffeine a good idea before bed?

    One of the first things to consider if you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep is to. It blocks all neurotransmitters that try to tell you to go to sleep. Not only that, but this stimulant increases your adrenaline levels, making you more alert to your surroundings and comparatively more active. 

    This stimulant can remain in your bloodstream for more than six hours. So it’s probably not a good idea to gulp down a couple of cups of coffee in the afternoon.

    Can ice cream affect sleep?

    Ice-creams are favored by adults and children alike. No matter what time it is, ice cream is hard to resist. But is it healthy to have some before bedtime? 

    Ice cream contains sugar, and like other sugary foods and sweets, it instantly boosts energy levels and increases adrenaline. Unfortunately, it’s tough to doze off after taking in sweets and sugary foods. 

    Is it a wise decision to have some crisps before bed?

    Crisps, chips, and all types of salty snacks contribute to sucking in water in our bodies and thus making us dehydrated. Getting up for water in the middle of the night is in itself a challenging task, and often, once you’re fully awake, sleep seems miles away. 

    Therefore, salts before going to bed is not a clever conception.

    Cheese or no cheese?

    Save the greasy cheeseburger and nachos for the daytime. Cheese is one of the worst things you can ingest before going to sleep. However, it contains high amounts of trying to mine and amino acids, making one feel reasonably alert. In addition to that, cheese increases the rate of adrenaline for a few hours at the least.

    What is the Consequence of Eating Before Sleeping?

    It is common practice among people to fall asleep right after having dinner. However, this is not a healthy option, as it would result in disturbed sleep. You will end up tossing and turning in bed all night long. This is because your digestive system would be busy at work. Heavy meals must be consumed during the day to be digested quickly and can be worked off. Thus you will be saved from the risk of heartburn, and fat would also not store up in your body. Doctors recommend you to eat at least three hours before going to sleep. If you crave sweets, then have them right after your meal but not before bedtime. 

    What would happen if you go to bed on an empty stomach? Would it affect you negatively?

    Surprisingly, falling asleep on an empty stomach is also not good. It will lead to a restless night. It is best to consume enough at dinner to satiate till the time you go to sleep. However, if hunger pangs strike, then go for something light. A bowl of cereal would be ideal.

    If you do not feel like munching on food, then you could choose any liquid. Herbal tea is best for it has no caffeine and no calories. Or even warm milk is an option, as it contains low calories.


    A . Remember that if your diet plan is good, then automatically peaceful sleep will follow. Doctors suggest that a healthy weight and a good diet are needed for a peaceful night’s sleep. Hence, plan your foods such that your sleep is not disrupted, for you are what you eat. Keep in mind that quality sleep increases your productivity level and keeps you energized throughout the day. 

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