Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know

There are approximately 3.7 million diabetes cases all around the world and there is a constant pressure of the number increasing day by day because of childhood obesity and bad lifestyle practices.

So, on the Diabetes week 2019, let’s find out more about diabetes –

Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know
Diabetes Week 2019: What You need to know

What is diabetes?

Insulin is one of the major hormones which is produced by the pancreas. This is done by breaking the glucose in your blood which is further used for energy. When the person is suffering from diabetes then it means that the body has stopped producing enough or any insulin.

Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know
Diabetes Week 2019: What You need to know

This causes the blood sugar level to increase substantially. Consuming sugar directly or indirectly has no relevance to having diabetes.

Different forms of diabetes

There are majorly two types of diabetesDiabetes 1 and diabetes 2.

Diabetes 1 means the body is not producing any forms of insulin and it has serious health implications like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease.

Type 2 diabetes is when the body is partially producing insulin but not in the required amount.

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How can diabetes be treated?

Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know
Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know

People detected from diabetes 2 can start medications and also some form of exercises. Try to indulge in weight loss and include some form of physical exercises or sports in your routine.

Whereas people who are suffering from diabetes 1 need to be serious about their health. They should try insulin injections or pumps every day. Also, you need to regularly check your blood sugar level. Keep the blood sugar machine at your home only.


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Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know 2
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Diabetes Week 2019 : What You need to know 3
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