Diabetes Can Be Effectively Treatable with Medical Cannabis

What is Diabetes?

First of all, let’s find out what diabetes is. The thing is that diabetes is a metabolic disease associated with the high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Actually, sugar in your blood is the major source of energy, which you get from eating food. Blood sugar level is controlled by insulin, — hormone which is produced in the pancreas. If there is some defect in insulin secretion — it is the first sign of a chronic problem, knows as diabetes — a glucose cannot transform into the energy, which is so necessary and important for the organism. You have to take insulin on a regular basis to help your body turn sugar into the energy. If you neglect it, hyperglycemia – is what will be next. Diabetes can be controlled, but it’s a chronic disease, meaning that it lasts a lifetime.

In general, there are 2 common kinds of diabetes. The first one is more widespread among youngsters, compared with the other one, often diagnosed among adults. However, the last one is more common. [4]

Can Cannabis Help to Cope with Diabetes?

Medical cannabis and diabetes [1], the topic which causes lively debates all over the world. And the latest study has really shown that one of the most powerful methods of coping with this issue is to take cannabis. [3] Yes, it may seem strange, but actually, marijuana is one of the most powerful plants that have a lot of benefits for health. The stereotype that it is a drug and may lead to bad consequences is true in half. Why in half? Because any treating needs to be under a proper control of the specialist. That’s why you need to consult with the specials before treating yourself.

A Short Introduction to the Medical Use of Cannabis

Medical usage of marijuana dates many thousand years back. Cannabis has countless nicknames such as a weed, marijuana, ganja, Mary Jane and many others. To cut a long story short, the given plant is commonly used in medicine and is safe for consumption. In fact, marijuana contains lots of chemicals that contain psychoactive properties, which are especially useful for medical purposes. Some of them are:

  • cannabidiol (CBD);
  • cannabinol (CBN);
  • cannabivarin (THCV);
  • cannabichromene (CBC);
  • cannabigerol (CBG);
  • cannabicyclol (CBL);
  • tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). [2]

Cannabis helps to cope with such problems as:

  1. Low Insulin Production

The present study has shown that cannabis can lower the glucose level in blood. So we can make the conclusion that weed may promote insulin development. But scientists are working on discovering the question how exactly the given plan helps with this issue. [2]

  1. Cardiovascular Issues

Marijuana can stop inflammation of arteries and avoid cardiovascular problems that may annoy most diabetics. The plant has the ability to enlarge blood vessels that in its turn promotes better blood circulation. Having said that, it is also helpful for those people that have swelling feet because of a bad circulation. [2]

  1. Skin Irritation

It is no longer a secret and those who suffer from diabetes know as nobody else, how skin problems look like. There is one more reason to use cannabis, especially it concerns those who suffer from skin irritation because of diabetes disease. This plant can help to relieve the complications and accelerate the healing process. [2]

  1. Problems Connected with the Neuropathy

This complication is probably one of the most harmful. The statistic says that over 60% of diabetic individuals have the given issues. In spite of this, not a single research suggests that cannabinoids can lower pain and reduce nerve disorders. [2]

  1. Retinopathy as Consequence of Diabetes

One more common problem that can be effectively reduced by cannabis is retinopathy. It really makes the process of seeing difficult for people who are struggling with diabetes. In addition to this, some researchers assure that marijuana may recover cell growth ability. [2]

  1. Cannabis Reduces Insomnia

Not only diabetes suffer from insomnia, but also lots of people can difficulty falling asleep. Scientists say that marijuana can help to reduce this issue too. The THC is responsible for this effect, so if you feel that you need some help, consult the specialist and ask him/her about taking cannabis. Make sure, whether it is safe exactly for you and the best choice for your well being. [1]

  1. Psychology Disorders

The most popular cause of consuming cannabis is for sure depression. Lots of people face this unpleasant emotional condition. It negatively affects you feel, the way you act, speak and think. The person lots interests in those activities which were previously very interesting and exciting for her. Depression has a serious impact on the human’s health: both mental and physical. That’s why if you struggle with some disease it is very important to stay optimistic and never think negatively. Good mood is a perfect way to cope with stress, and, what is more, it can inspire you to think positively and never give up. In order to stay happy even if you feel physically bad, there are lots of ways to improve your well-being.

For those who suffer depression, CBD is one of the most solutions. It offers positive reinforcement so that the individual feel better and don’t feel anxiety. [2]

To sum everything up, taking cannabis in right proportions has numerous positive effects and benefits for our health. But, on the other hand, the most popular human mistake (it concerns especially new consumers), is that they take it too much for the first time (cannabis use should be strictly limited, based on your health condition). As the result, the user may feel bad and nasty, so pay attention to the medical recipe, prescribed for you. Notably, its use should be limited and controlled by the specialist. All things considered, cannabis can be really a good treat not only for diabetes but for those who suffer from insomnia, depression, neuropathy, etc.  But pay attention to the fact that individuals who seriously suffer from mental disorders cannot use cannabis for medical treatment. It will bring no positive result on their well-being. Instead, it may turn into the negative impact on the human health. CBD can straighten the mental disorders such as schizophrenia or psychosis.


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