Things You Should Keep in Mind Going to a Dentist Abroad

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Holidays is the time you take off your everyday schedule to rest, travel and enjoy your family and friends’ company. It usually begins as a dream, but then many unexpected things can happen. An unexpected toothache can spoil any time, even your dreamy holiday abroad.

Dental services in the most popular tourist countries, such as Spain, France or Egypt, can be several times more expensive than in the UK, especially if you don’t speak the language of the country you’re going for and need to look for an English speaker.

Therefore, before each holiday that you plan on spending abroad, it is worth to take care of the state of your teeth. What to do when the “better safe than sorry” rule disappoints and you have an emergency? How to lower the costs of going to the dentist abroad?

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Is it risky?

It depends on which dentist you choose. If you will take time to research and find the best one possible, you don’t have to worry. When you hurry up and go to the first dentist you see, you might be at risk of complications, bad diagnosis or old materials that are no longer used for fillings.

When you consider all the steps mentioned below, you can be sure that the dentist abroad won’t cause you any additional problems that you’re already facing. Have a great holiday and don’t worry about your dental health with these tips below!

What to look for?

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Healthcare varies across the whole planet. In some countries, you will have to pay for the treatment from your own pocket, which might never happen in your country if you have insurance or social security. First of all, you have to look for a dentist that is right for your needs. How to do so?

Many countries have a site, where you can find a recommended dentist for customers from abroad. You can’t only look for the price of the service, but also for good reviews and recommendations. If you go to someone you don’t hear about, your teeth might not be treated properly and you will have an even bigger problem in the future. Of course, price matters too, but not as much as the skill of the dentist.

Choose reasonably and look for the perfect balance between the good reviews and price. If you need someone who will speak your mother tongue, you can seek for those dentists that either speaks your language or emigrated from your motherland. Those can be found, but the price might vary from the basic fee you’d have to pay for a standard visit.

When you’re trying to get yourself an appointment while you’re on holiday, you need the dentist to act almost immediately. Try to find a dental emergency or someone that is able to treat you in the same day. If you’re in pain, you won’t enjoy any minute of your free time.

Can you do it for free?

If you’re staying somewhere in the EU and you want to get the job done at the cost of your National Health Fund, you have to show that you’re entitled to such help. The document that can officially confirm your right to get the health service at the cost of the National Health Fund is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

You can use it during a temporary stay in another EU Member State. It’s issued to confirm the right to health services financed from public funds in accordance with the law. The holders of the EHIC are subject to obligations and enjoy rights under the legislation of the country in which they are staying, under the same conditions as those insured in that country.


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