Dental Bleaching Done Right by the Dentist

dental bleaching

If years of coffee drinking caused heavy staining on your teeth, then it is time to get a dental bleaching from a dentist. One main benefit of dental bleaching is that you get a thorough treatment with the best results.

This is because the dentist uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is much stronger than the regular whitening kits you find in the store. Another benefit of dental bleaching is that it is quicker than store-bought whitening kits. In addition, the sessions are comfortable for patients. You’ll also have a choice in how white you want your teeth to be.

Here are additional facts on dental bleaching:

Do You Qualify?

When you visit the dentist for dental bleaching (tannbleking), he will want to know if it would be safe to offer the treatment. If your teeth are currently sensitive due to different dental problems, this might affect the results in a negative way. Because teeth whitening causes temporary teeth sensitivity, it could make your condition worse. If you suffer from gum disease, there is a chance that you could be denied the treatment. Those with tooth decay or who have dental crowns might also not qualify for dental bleaching.

What to Expect at Bleaching

When you arrive at the dentist’s office, he will collect an image of your teeth’s current color. Then he will add pumice to the teeth to eliminate any plaque. Then the dentist will dry the teeth with a gauze and isolate the teeth from gums and tongue. Once he adds another protective tool to shield gums from teeth, the dentist adds the whitening gel to your teeth. Once the desired shade is achieved, the dentist rinses your teeth.

What About the Cost?

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Dental bleaching is a cosmetic procedure so a majority of health insurance plans don’t cover the cost. You can research different dental clinics in your city to compare costs. On average you’ll spend at least $200 or more for a dental bleaching although some clinics might offer a discount on the services. Never choose a dentist based solely on affordability. Choose a dentist who offers high-quality treatments.

Caring for Teeth after Bleaching

Once you get the dental bleaching, here are some things you should do to maintain your beautiful smile. Avoid excess consumption of coffee, chocolate and other dark colored foods. Cut back or quit tobacco use. At least once a year you should have your teeth cleaned so that it will look healthy. Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

How Dental Bleaching Boosts Confidence

We live in a society where image is highly valued, and when you have a bright smile your confidence improves. If you work in a field where a beautiful smile is important, a dental bleaching would be beneficial. Going out on dates is much easier when your teeth are healthy and white. When you think of these benefits, it is easy to see why dental bleaching is a great option.

In conclusion, dental bleaching is a neat procedure for those seeking a brighter smile. Ask plenty of questions so that you’ll know if you’re choosing the right dentist for your needs. Maintain your new look by caring for your teeth properly. And when you do this, you become a more confident person.

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