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There are many proposed ways to fight against hair loss with Propeia, Minoxidil or laser combs. Yet, there is no effective cure for androgenic alopecia, a common condition for hair loss found in both men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions of Definite Balding Treatment:

Q. What would you prefer: A combover or shaved scalp?

Neither of them is an alluring option when you are young. So if you find that your hairline is receding, you may feel awful. There are said to be many options to combat male pattern baldness – known as androgenetic alopecia that occurs in both men and women – as said by Dr. Jennifer Goldwasser who is a dermatologist at Scarsdale Medical Group. She went ahead to answer a few common questions about hair loss:

Q. How early this problem can occur, and is it genetic?

Problem can be seen in late adolescence. And, it is the hardest part of it because losing hair after 30 is a different thing than going hairless when you are just 17. Conventionally, it is thought that the problem is inherited from the mother. But, the truth is that it can be acquired from both maternal and paternal side.

Q. Your suggestion to boys in late teens?

I can’t suggest any one go-to regime, because it is really variable and depends on the psychological distress caused by the condition. It also depends on the patient’s ability to assume the risk.

Q. What would you say about the effectiveness of minoxidil, available under the brand name Rogaine?

The solution has been around for decades and offers a good start to many people. It can’t always re-grow hair, but can be helpful in preventing the receding hairline. Usually, we suggest the overly powered 5 percent solution. It is a hassle for men because it requires them to apply twice daily. But, in women, FDA approves one daily application of 5 percent solution.

Q. What about the oral medication Propecia (finasteride) aside from the fact that it comes costly and not covered by insurance?

It can have sexual side-effects such as low libido and impotence that we always talk about. But many people like this formulation as it requires them to swallow one pill a day. It is effective and many people can bear it well. If taken by a pregnant woman, it can cause birth defects. It can be fine for a man to take this pill while trying for parenthood, but pregnant partner should never go for it. Also, it can alter the PSA or prostate-specific antigen level, used for screening prostate cancer.

Q. Are there any devices to combat falling hair?

A laser, HairMax LaserComb has been cleared by the FDA for both men and women. It helps some people, but requires using several times a week for around 10 to 15 minutes. There are available different models, each with their own instructions. It doesn’t come cheap, but some people prefer it over pills or other chemical solutions.

Q. What if the loss has already been done?

You can consider restorative process such as transplant. And, now women can also go for this procedure. It is more disperse in women, and also a little trickier. But, many experts have performed transplant on women having androgenetic alopecia and that with good results.

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Q. Some experts also suggest a new technology known as Neograft. What would you say about that?

We call it follicular unit extraction or micrografting. During this procedure, only one follicle is taken out at a time, which obtains natural results. You might see some people having transplants done 20 to 30 years ago, and their hair look like Barbie doll plug. This is because a bunch of follicles are harvested together. When it is done in tiny units, the hair looks more natural.

Q. Would you suggest people keeping away from places that offer discounts or coupons?

People doing this may have following. They have other medical practitioners referring to them, and so they might not be fishing customers. But, you have to be watchful as plenty of places do just hair weaves, and that’s different from hair transplant.

Q. What about the ads advertised on TV and published in magazines?

If we find something like a holy grail of hair treatment, then it will become breaking news. So, you have to take these ads quite seriously that promise the world. What happens sometimes is that they try to peddle is minoxidil. They don’t disclose it boldly; rather make a revelation in fine prints.

Your thoughts on companies selling vitamins with a promise to prevent balding?

Androgenetic alopecia is not something that vitamins can treat. There can be underlying hormonal dysfunction in women that can accelerate the problem, here hormonal manipulations can do well.

Q. What’s the future with stem cells?

For me, it is an extremely promising area of research towards hair restoration. I think it will take around ten years for this technology to come into application.

What Dr. Jennifer said is of great value to patients suffering from baldness. Her revelations clear some misconceptions and provide a better perspective to people suffering from hairless. Not only they can save themselves from falling to lucrative ads, but can also make an informed decision for their baldness.


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